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Special educational opportunities are available to successful students through the SVCC Honors Program. Honors students receive an enriched general education -- the basis for all future academic experiences.

The Sauk Honors experience includes:

  • specially designed academic work which extends beyond normal course activities
  • individual interaction with faculty members in the pursuit of special interests
  • the opportunity to work with advanced scientific instruments.


Honors students may receive financial awards from the College Foundation and recognition for academic work at Honors gatherings. They also have the opportunity to transfer to an Honors program at a four-year college or university.

What kind of work is involved?

Once admitted to the program, students may take one or more courses on an Honors basis. That might mean going beyond the normal course requirements by doing a research project, writing a paper, or engaging in other academic work designed specifically for each student. While executing Honors projects, students will improve their abilities to speak, write, listen, and conduct research.

Who is eligible?

A student who satisfies one or more of the following criteria is welcome to apply for membership to the Honors Program:

  • has earned 12+ semester hours and a 3.5+ cumulative GPA out of 4.0
  • has been recommended for consideration by a faculty member
  • has earned an ACT composite score of 27+ or an SAT of 1290+
  • was a member of high school Honors program
  • was in the upper 10 percent of high school graduating class
  • has been an Illinois State Scholarship recipient

Project expectations and recommendations

  • Projects should involve a minimum of 16 hours of work (equal to an added credit hour)
  • Faculty feedback should be provided throughout the process
  • Projects requiring human research, including, but not limited to, surveying of individuals to gather data, must adhere to SVCC guidelines on human research.
  • The project is recommended to make up approximately 20 percent of a student's course grade.


  • Honors students who have completed projects within the previous academic year and who have a 3.5+ cumulative GPA also qualify to receive Foundation scholarships at annual Honors ceremonies.
  • Honors students who graduate from Sauk with 12+ hours of Honors credit and a 3.5+ cumulative GPA gets special recognition for graduating from Sauk's Honors Program.


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Who uses this form

Project Application

Electronic Project Application must be filled out and submitted.


Project RubricChecklist for completion. Students and faculty should review project proposals against this rubric prior to submission Incomplete or inadequate proposals will be returned and may delay or reject acceptance into the program.Students and faculty

Scholarship Application

Complete this form in the semester following the first completed project, to apply for an Honors Scholarship Award.

Students. Fill out all applicable blanks on the form and then click 'Submit' to complete

Faculty Project Evaluation

Complete this form to report on the quality of a completed Honors Project

Faculty. Click on this link, fill out all blanks on the form, and then click 'Submit' to complete.

Determining the weight of an Honors Project

Download this form for suggestions on incorporating the grade of a project into a student’s overall course grade

Faculty, to be shared with students.