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Student Organizations

collage of some current clubs

There are several student organizations at Sauk Valley Community College with which to become involved. Involvement in student organizations helps hone leadership, communication and problem solving skills. Student organizations are also a great way to meet new people and make life-long friends.

A.L.A.S. - Association of Latin American Students
Our mission is to provide a better scholastic, cultural, political and social life for students and to bring more Latino students to SVCC. Members sponsor programs that focus on promoting and understanding diversity. For more ALAS activities and SVCC events, please visit and like our Facebook Page:
Art Club
The purpose of the club is to allow students interested in the fine arts to explore the visual and performing arts by enjoying arts through activities such as discussions, speakers, and field trips. The Art Club will also volunteer in the community to provide workshops and connect with others who share the same interest in fine arts.
Association for Disability Awareness
Association for Disability Awareness is dedicated to removing social stereotypes about people with disabilities. They strive to create awareness, educate others about “abilities,” and participate in campus and community life. It serves as a support system for students with learning differences and challenges. We encourage involvement from students both with and without disabilities. Please visit and like our Facebook page: SVCC Association for Disability Awareness Club
Campus Crusade for Christ
Campus Crusade for Christ is comprised of members interested in promoting Christian fellowship. Activities include Bible study, prayer, song, games and lots of laughter.
Cheerleading Club
Cheerleading Club is made up of the following groups: Cheer Squad; Dance Squad; Stunt Crew; Bleacher Bums. No formal tryouts are held but students need to be able to learn routines, dances, and/or cheers.
Criminal Justice Club
Criminal Justice Club educates and provides opportunities while promoting professionalism. The club seeks to develop skills, values, and knowledge among its members. This is accomplished through hosting activities/events, participating in campus activities, and providing community/campus service.   The club is not limited to Criminal Justice majors.
Magic Club
Magic Club provides opportunities for casual/tournament play of Magic the Gathering and instruction/information to players interested in the game. The club meets regularly on Thursdays from 3:00 - 9:00pm in the cafeteria to play casual Magic: The Gathering, the collector card game.
Math Club
Math Club shall deepen awareness, understanding and appreciation for mathematics and assist in developing higher levels of math problem solving skills.
P.R.I.D.E. - Promoting Respect, Individuality and Diversity for Everyone
P.R.I.D.E. - Promoting Respect, Individuality and Diversity for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Straight Allies Coalition that provides a supportive network, a positive social outlet and a caring environment. Educational programs and activities advocate fairness and respect for students, faculty and staff.
Pep Band
The purpose of this organization is to bring enthusiasm and entertainment to the audience and athletes at SVCC's home basketball games while bringing personal enrichment to those who participate.
Phi Theta Kappa
Phi Theta Kappa is an international academic honor society that recognizes academic achievement. There are chapters in 1100 two year colleges across the U.S., as well as Japan, Germany, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
Psych Club
The purpose of the Psych Club is to assist students with all aspects of the major, from helping each other with homework and projects in Psychology related classes, to understanding the basis of Psychology by discussing careers, planning service projects, and discussing Psychology related topics with professionals in the field. 
Rad Tech Club
The purpose of this organization is to advance and supplement the field of Radiologic Technology; to promote professionalism, scholarship, leadership, and social responsibility through school and community involvement.
Sauk Arts Magazine
Sauk Arts Magazine mission is to provide a creative outlet for students, staff, faculty and administration to publish artwork, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and music.
Sauk Future Educators
The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for all education majors to explore and develop a greater understanding of education as a profession.  Sauk Future Educators encourages academic advancement by offering professional development opportunities with faculty, staff, and community members. It also allows education majors opportunities for social interaction and for developing important community outreach and service skills needed for the teaching profession. Please visit and like our Facebook page: Future Educators of Sauk Valley Community College
Science Club
The purpose of this organization is to allow students interested in the sciences to explore biology, chemistry, physics and all areas of science by Learning about and enjoying science through activities such as discussions, speakers, field trips and tours. Volunteering in ways that may benefit the community such as conservation and ecology and working with local science related organizations. Gaining contacts with other students, faculty and staff at Sauk Valley Community College who share a common interest in science. Please visit and like our Facebook page: SVCC Science Club. 
Social Justice Organization
The purpose of this organization is to help SVCC students become educated catalysts of positive change by encouraging civic engagement in both the local and global community. This includes promoting diversity and inclusion advocacy on campus through collaborative efforts with student organizations and community leaders. Please visit and like our Facebook page: SVCC Social Justice Club
Student Government Association (SGA)
SGA is a vital part of campus life. Responsibilities include representing the student body to the administration, sponsoring campus-wide activities, serving on college-wide committees, recognizing new student organizations, and allocating programming money to student organizations. For activities and events, please visit and like our FB page: SVCC Student Activities
Student Nurses Association of IL (SNAI)
The purpose of this organization shall be to serve the needs of SVCC Student Nurses by providing encouragement, support, and resources to foster professional development and achieve their educational and career goals. 
The purpose of this organization is to help students understand and learn more about technology. The TECH Club offers hands on learning and exposes members to careers in technology. Members of this club share ideas and knowledge with each other and provide help and possible tutoring with CIS classes.
Veteran's Organization
Veteran’s Organization is for students who have current or prior military experience and explores current issues impacting students who are military veterans.
Zombie: Research and Survival Tactics (RST) Club
The Zombie RST Club provides: a forum for detailed discussions based on the thriving popularity of the undead. structural conversation on the psychological effects that facing the undead could have on humanity. discussion on the general types of zombies based off fiction and Hollywood magic. an open environment for individuals to explain their ideas on the subject.

Inactive Clubs

The following are clubs that once were on campus but are currently inactive. These clubs could potentially be reinstated if there is enough interest.

Campus Women's Organization
Campus Women’s Organization supports women as they fulfill their educational/career goals. CWO raises awareness about issues such as: relationship violence, sexual assault, child care, sexuality, body image and eating disorders, and participation in decision-making positions/leadership.  They monitor the status of women on campus, and advocate for practices/policies that promotes equal participation.
Film and Literature Club (FLiC)
Our mission is to provide a setting for academic discussion of film in its occasional comparison to literature focusing on themes, characters, and societal commentary. 
Student Ambassadors
Student Ambassadors are knowledgeable, motivated and enthusiastic students who assist with College recruitment and PR activities. They enhance the image of the college by providing quality services to the community while personally and professionally enriching their lives. They represent the college at any major on campus/community college-sponsored functions.
Student Parent Association (SPA)
Student Parent Association advises, coordinates, and encourages fellowship among students with children. The group is devoted to supporting parents as they pursue their educational goal to better their lives and the lives of their families. All parents are welcome.
Table Tennis
The purpose of this club is to allow students interested in Table Tennis to join a group centered on non-competitive table tennis play. By joining the Table Tennis Club the students will connect with other students, faculty and staff at SVCC who share a common interest, learn about Table Tennis through playing and explaining, and have fun playing with others. 
U.N.O. - United Neo Otaku
United Neo Otaku is devoted to learning about and experiencing Japanese anime, manga, video games and culture. Activities include discussions of anime and manga, anime trivia and fan dubbing. Field trips may include anime conventions and visits to markets or cultural events.