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General Information (Student Right-to-Know)

Reporting and Disclosure Requirements

The final regulations amending the institutional and financial assistance disclosure requirements were issued by the Department of Education November 1, 1999. The regulations directly affect the type of Student Right-to-Know, Campus Crime and Security, and Athletic Participation and Financial Support (EADA) reporting and disclosure activities that institutions must engage in to remain Title IV compliant. The regulations generally become effective July 1, 2000, although some requirements became effective as of the Reauthorization date.

General Disclosure Requirements:

Institutions are required to provide a list of all information that Enrolled Student are entitled to receive, upon their request. The list should include:

  1. The Institution's Graduation/Completion and Transfer-out rates (when applicable) - Available in Admissions, and Dean of Student Services' Office.
  2. Athletic Data (Intercollegiate)
    1. Athletes - Graduation/Completion and Transfer-out rates (when applicable) - Available in Admissions, Athletic Director, and Dean of Student Services' Office
    2. Any coeducational institution of higher education that participates in a federal student aid program and has an intercollegiate athletics program is required to publish an annual Equity in Athletics Report. This report contains participation rates, financial support, academic success rate, and other information on its men's and women's intercollegiate athletic programs. This report is available from the Equity in Athletics page on the Office of Postsecondary Education web site.
  3. Campus crime statistics and institutional security policies - Web Handbook
  4. Institutional Information:
    1. Requirements and procedures for Withdrawing from the Institution,
    2. Cost to attend (tuition/fees charges, books/supplies costs, room and board charges, related charges)
    3. Refund policy and summary of requirements for return of Title IV grants or loans,
    4. Current academic programs of the institution (current degree programs, educational/training programs, faculty),
    5. Names of associations, agencies accrediting the institution,
    6. Description of special facilities and services for disabled students,
    7. Drug and alcohol policy (pdf brochure)
    8. The school's policy on enrollment in study abroad programs.
      (SVCC does not currently offer Study Abroad programs)
    9. Gainful Employment Disclosure for certificate programs.
  5. Annual notification required by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act regulations)
  6. Financial Aid Information: Financial Assistance Web Site
  7. Athletic participation and EADA report/data - Available in Admissions & Records, Athletic Director, and Assistant Dean of Student Services.

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