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Taylor R Walrath

Psychology Faculty

Masters Psychology2013 - Ball State Univ/Teachers Coll

Sauk Valley Community College

Contact Information

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Contact Information

Taylor Walrath

Best way to contact me
Email me if you want to meet to discuss psychology, have any questions about class, or just to say hello!
Specialty Areas
Prior to teaching, research in psychology was my area of focus. I did my Masters Thesis on measuring people's attitude toward seeking psychological help using the Implicit Association Test (uses reaction time to measure hidden attitudes). I specialize in psychological research but enjoy learning and teaching about all kinds of research/ topics in psychology and sociology. I discovered my passion for psychology/ sociology at Sauk years ago and I hope to help you do the same (if not at least make learning about it enjoyable and valuable).
Courses Taught
I have taught Introduction to Psychology, Child Development, Human Growth and Development, and Social Psychology. I have also taught First Year Experience.
Graduated with Cum Laude Honors while obtaining my Bachelor's of Science from Northern Illinois University. Graduated with Summa Cum Laude Honors from Ball State University where I got Masters of Arts in Psychology.
I am interested in various psychological and sociological phenomenon including: uniqueness, helping behavior, body image, happiness, the influence of social norms, conformity and group behavior. In my free time I watch movies, play video games, and of course, read psychology articles.
What I like most about SVCC
SVCC is a great, affordable starting point for a student with any background. Sauk can help you discover what you love and is a great starting point for many different career paths.

Summer 2020 Schedule

Online Class Schedule

  • PSY 200 OL - Human Growth & Development

Please check with instructor for schedule.