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Records Coordinator


Director of Admissions and Academic Advising


Admissions and Records




Full-time Professional Technical




Perform responsible administrative duties for the Director of Enrollment Management/Registrar; provide training and assistance to the Admissions and Records staff; create, maintain and update office procedure documentation; assist college faculty, staff and students with registration and registration related inquiries.


  1. Assist the Director of Enrollment/Registrar in managing the day-to-day operations of the enrollment services area.
  2. Provide information and assistance to students and staff as needed concerning registration and records.
  3. Create, maintain and update office procedure documentation manuals.
  4. Assist in training office staff on registration and records processes and provide functional support as needed.
  5. Assisting in the resolution of registration discrepancies.
  6. Assist the Director of Enrollment/Registrar with issues related to the electronic programs and services of the office (i.e., Banner, Filebound, webpages, and National Student Clearinghouse) and collaborate with the information services department as directed.
  7. Assist with preparation, generation, and distribution of diplomas and certificates.
  8. Coordinate activities related to Jump Start, and New Student Orientation.
  9. Collaborate with the Director of Enrollment/ Registrar to certify all athletic eligibility and track individual athletes throughout the school year.
  10. Provide information by telephone, correspondence, e-mail, in-person, one-on-one, or in groups regarding enrollment and program information (credit and non-credit).
  11. Provide information and assistance on College policies and procedures to students, faculty, administrators, and the general public, and outside organizations regarding enrollment management processes and procedures.
  12. Assist in the student registration and record keeping functions.
  13. Educate and assist current and former students, staff, and faculty with college on-line access (i.e. SOAR, e-mail, on-line forms, National Student Clearinghouse, etc.).
  14. Assess and process applications, registrations, and changes in student information, eligibility, and residency requirements (i.e. Banner and Filebound).
  15. Safeguard student information in accordance with relevant privacy laws, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Student Right to Know.
  16. Participate in the development of the department operational plan.
  17. Assist with the training and supervision of student employees.
  18. Assist the records analyst with review, evaluation, and processing of high school transcripts including entering ACT, SAT and college placement test scores into the BANNER system.
  19. Assume all other reasonable professional duties and responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor.


  1. Must understand and support the mission of the community college.
  2. Must be able to communicate effectively in person, by telephone, and electronically on a daily basis.
  3. Must be able to provide and understand verbal/visual/e-mail orders and presentations from supervisor and to the general public.
  4. Must be able to proficiently operate computers and software.
  5. Must be able to operate basic office equipment.
  6. Must be able to work in a team environment.
  7. Some evening hours required.


Frequent contact is made with College personnel, faculty, students, and the general public in the routine performance of duties and departmental services.


Functional supervision is exercised over designated College work studies.


Associate’s degree required; Bachelor’s preferred.  Five (5) years of customer service experience in a college setting is required. The candidate must possess strong communication and customer service skills with the ability to listen and respond to inquiries with clear and concise directions. The ability to work in a fast paced environment is a must. Functional experience with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, BANNER preferred.




Coordinates the College Risk Management Program in a capacity appropriate to this position. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring conditions, events and circumstances present through daily College operations, and communicating observations to the appropriate supervisor or taking necessary actions to correct, prevent or limit safety problems. May serve as a member of a committee that supports the health, safety and/or legal rights of visitors, students and staff. Such committees may include the AA/EEO, Sexual Harassment, and Safety/Loss Control committees. (Risk Management Categories I, III, IV. See Tort file.)

This description is intended to indicate the kinds and levels of work difficulty that will be required of the position that will be given the title and shall not be construed as declaring what specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position shall be. It is not intended to limit or in any way modify the right of the supervisor to assign, direct, and control the work of employees under supervision. The use of a particular expression or illustration describing duties shall not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of a similar kind or level of difficulty.