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Business, Training, and Career Services Coordinator


Dean of Business, Career, and Technical Programs


Business, Career, and Technical Programs



Full-time Professional Technical




Develop, organize, grow, and manage a comprehensive customized training program. Develop positive relationships with local businesses and manufacturers in order to assist students in finding internships and/or employment opportunities, help the College expand mutually beneficial partnerships, and improve communication with business leaders. Assist students and community members in the area of career services.


  1. Create and organize customized training projects. Recruit, assign and evaluate instructional staff to teach courses for customized training needs. Maintain appropriate records of all business transactions.
  2. Aggressively develop and promote a list of customized training project needs through regular face-to-face interaction and electronic and phone follow-up communication with businesses and manufacturers. Maintain a log of visits.
  3. Help recruit adjunct faculty for career-technical programs from local manufacturers and businesses.
  4. In order to promote and grow internship opportunities, strengthen communication with and between employers, students, and staff.
  5. Develop and deliver a bi-annual newsletter for manufactures and businesses.
  6. Lead and organize the efforts for all Manufacturing Day events. Work with internal constituents and local manufacturers to ensure successful events.
  7. Lead and organize the efforts for Work in the Real World. Work with all internal and external constituents so ensure a successful event.
  8. Coordinate and participate in workforce council and subcommittees meetings.
  9. Facilitate discussions with BEST to ensure the appropriate use of their services.
  10. Organize, promote, and coordinate general and specific job fairs for students and community members.
  11. Help interested students, especially those in career-technical fields, with resume preparation, interviewing skills, networking opportunities, and identifying job openings.
  12. Regularly present to students in career-technical classrooms, especially capstone courses, to inform students of the services provided in your area.
  13. Develop and maintain a physical job opportunity board for students and community members.
  14. Present workshops to educate students and community members on the skills and qualities necessary for career development
  15. Schedule on-campus recruitment visits by employers.
  16. Maintain professional business contacts through workforce council, chambers of commerce, and other related organizations to establish links for graduates.
  17. Become a Chamber of Commerce Ambassador in order to develop relationships with local businesses.
  18. Assume full responsibility for Work Keys and coordinate efforts with other College personnel.
  19. Assume all other reasonable professional duties and responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor.


  1. Must understand and support the mission of the community college.
  2. Must have strong communication (oral and written) and interpersonal skills.
  3. Must be able to work in a team environment.
  4. Must be able to work with Microsoft Office products and social media.
  5. Must be able to provide verbal/visual presentations to students, staff, community groups, and potential students.
  6. Must have the capability to travel as needed.
  7. Must be able to work flexible hours including evenings and weekends.


Frequent contact is made with all levels of College personnel, students, the general public and outside organizations in relation to routine departmental services and duties and in providing appropriate assistance and information as requested.


Functional supervision is exercised over work-study students.


Bachelor’s degree with two years of experience in business or education, word processing, organizational skills, and strong collaborative communication skills required. An understanding of adult learning, marketing, sales, and an understanding of employee training and business operations strongly preferred.




Coordinates the College Risk Management Program in a capacity appropriate to this position. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring conditions, events and circumstances present through daily College operations, and communicating observations to the appropriate supervisor or taking necessary actions to correct, prevent or limit safety problems. May serve as a member of a committee that supports the health, safety and/or legal rights of visitors, students and staff. Such committees may include the AA/EEO, Sexual Harassment, and Safety/Loss Control committees. (Risk Management Categories I, III, IV. See Tort file.)

This description is intended to indicate the kinds and levels of work difficulty that will be required of the position that will be given the title and shall not be construed as declaring what specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position shall be. It is not intended to limit or in any way modify the right of the supervisor to assign, direct, and control the work of employees under supervision. The use of a particular expression or illustration describing duties shall not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of a similar kind or level of difficulty.