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Director of Instructional Design and Distance Learning


Vice President of Academics and Student Services


General Education and Transfer Programs




Full-time Administrator




Responsibilities include leadership of Canvas accessibility; analysis of available data and research to inform and direct quality assurance goals and to meet compliance requirements for online courses; administer training and resources for faculty to help provide quality on-campus and online instruction.


  1. Lead efforts to increase the accessibility of Canvas resources and ensure compliance with relevant statutes.
    1. Review course materials for compliance with accessibility statutes and discuss Universal Design alternatives and compliance issues with faculty to determine available choices.
    2. Determine which courses pose the greatest risk to the college due to a lack of compliance and prioritize those materials for revision. 
    3. Supervise and evaluate instructional designers/contractors, including the assignment of course materials.
    4. Modify course materials for compliance with accessibility statutes using a variety of software tools. 
    5. Provide revised materials to faculty to upload or in a duplicate course for future upload.
    6. Provide expertise and information to administrators and Accessibility Committee regarding Universal Design, policy needs, accessibility timeline, and initiatives.
    7. Monitor overall accessibility in Canvas courses and regularly provide updates to faculty, staff, and administrators.
    8. Create, maintain, and administer an accessibility training plan for faculty and staff.
    9. Serve as member of ILCCO Accessibility Committee and contribute to ongoing projects.
    10. Provide technical support and advice to Disability Support Services in the acquisition, production, adaptation, or utilization of accessible resources for on-campus and online courses as needed to provide accommodations to students with disabilities.
  2. Serve as an administrator in the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) and LMS integrations such as Panopto and Turnitin.
  3. Analyze Canvas updates, feature options, and new features to identify risks or modifications of significance to the procedures and workflow of faculty and staff users and provide necessary interventions.
  4. Identify and request special features from our Canvas account representatives.
  5. Troubleshoot issues for faculty and staff Canvas users; submit issues to Canvas support as needed.
  6. Install LTI apps in the Canvas system. 
  7. Identify Canvas training needs and provide training to faculty and staff.
  8. Provide expertise in analyzing instances of alleged student dishonesty in Canvas upon request.
  9. Provide support for faculty in need of extensive assistance in Canvas or with Canvas materials. 
  10. Verify and communicate progress of The Sauk Edge initiative.
  11. Manually collect online course data at regular intervals throughout the semester and analyze the data conveying information to Dean and faculty regarding non-compliant courses, training needs and needed instructional design initiatives.
  12. Monitor compliance with Department of Education standards for distance learning courses.
  13. Identify and recommend software integrations of potential benefit to the college and organize product demonstrations for stakeholders. 
  14. Assist faculty with technology integration and train faculty in the exploration of new technologies, materials, a techniques for effective teaching and learning including develop and delivery of synchronous or in-person professional development to faculty and staff; plan and delivering faculty training in the use of the College Learning Management System (LMS) and applicable integrations; and obtain and interpret online course data to determine training priorities and develop initiatives for continuous improvement of distance education.
  15. Develop, maintain, and deploy appropriate just-in-time training resources for faculty and staff including, but not limited to, faculty resources web page, beginning of the semester checklist, tutorials for posting grades, sending email to students, and a regularly published instructional design newsletter to all employees highlighting Canvas updates and new releases, Panopto news and tips, accessibility news and tips, instructional design book reviews, best practices summaries, and articles showcasing specific teaching strategies. 
  16. Create and maintain self-guided online courses for faculty and students including, but not limited to, Dual Credit Faculty Orientation, New Faculty Orientation, Essentials: Canvas, Essentials: Teaching Online, Accessibility and Universal Design. Introduction to Multimedia, Canvas Basics (students), and Technology Basics (students)
  17. Evaluate off-campus instructional offerings, including high school dual credit courses and instructors. 
  18. Collaborate with the Online Learning Committee to assist faculty with the online course development and approval process in accordance with the online course design process.
  19. Identify opportunities to improve online course quality and work with faculty and Deans to promote best practices in online learning.
  20. Identify and recommend quality assurance measures that may be of potential benefit to the College.
  21. Manage operational planning for Instructional Design.
  22. Assist the supervisor in preparing the departmental budget.
  23. Represent SVCC as Illinois Community Colleges Online (ILCCO) liaison.
  24. Coordinate and oversee the development of curriculum for FYE in cooperation with  the supervisor and other college departments.
  25. Create e-learning objects for training employees and students; provide e-learning objects in collaboration with college departments as needed.
  26. Serve as a member of Leadership Council.
  27. Serve as night administrator on a rotating basis. (3%* tort)
  28. Assume all other reasonable professional duties and responsibilities as assigned by the supervisor.


  1. Must understand and support the mission of the community college.
  2. Possess excellent verbal and written skills.
  3. Must exhibit strong customer service skills.
  4. Must be able to work non-standard hours as needed
  5. Must be able to collaborate with others.
  6. Must be able to communicate effectively by phone and email on a daily basis.


Frequent and personal contact is made with all levels of College personnel, faculty, students, the general public, and outside organizations in relation to routine departmental services and duties in providing appropriate assistance and information as requested.


Administrative and functional supervision over the Instructional Designer.


Master’s degree with four years of experience in integrating technology into the classroom environment or training environment. Skills with several of the following required: learning management systems (e.g., Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle), Google Apps, e-learning, multimedia production tools, classroom presentation technologies, and mobile devices. Experience designing course materials, online or hybrid courses, and training events; consulting with subject matter experts, such as faculty; teaching or training in a professional environment, community college experience, preferred. Must have an excellent work ethic, be detail oriented, able to work independently and in a team environment, and have strong interpersonal communication and organizational skills.




Coordinates the College Risk Management Program in a capacity appropriate to this position. This includes, but is not limited to, monitoring conditions, events and circumstances present through daily College operations, and communicating observations to the appropriate supervisor or taking necessary actions to correct, prevent or limit safety problems. May serve as a member of a committee that supports the health, safety and/or legal rights of visitors, students and staff. Such committees may include the AA/EEO, Sexual Harassment, and Safety/Loss Control committees. (Risk Management Categories I, III, IV. See Tort file.)

This description is intended to indicate the kinds and levels of work difficulty that will be required of the position that will be given the title and shall not be construed as declaring what specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position shall be. It is not intended to limit or in any way modify the right of the supervisor to assign, direct, and control the work of employees under supervision. The use of a particular expression or illustration describing duties shall not be held to exclude other duties not mentioned that are of a similar kind or level of difficulty.