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Fall 2023 AGR Classes

Please note that all courses are subject to change format at the discretion of the College. To protect the safety and well being of students, face to face classes may change to online or hybrid at any time. Students will be notified of the change via their SVCC email.

CRNSectionCreditsDayTimeRoomInstructorSeatsCourse FeeTotal Tuition & FeesBooks
AGR 116 Introduction to Animal Science
30462 A 4 TTh 2:30pm- 4:45pm T2D1 KM. Larsen 8 $100 $752 Books for AGR&course-1=116&section-1=A

Book(s) for AGR 116 A:
Follett Bookstore link

AGR 150 Intro to AG Bus Management
30328 A 4 TTh 12:30pm- 2:10pm T2D1 RJ. Nelson 6 $100 $752 Books for AGR&course-1=150&section-1=A

Book(s) for AGR 150 A:
Follett Bookstore link

AGR 155 Intro to AG Marketing & Stds
30350 A 3 MW 9:00am- 10:15am T2D1 TJ. Hendricks 12 $75 $564 Books for AGR&course-1=155&section-1=A

Book(s) for AGR 155 A:
Follett Bookstore link

AGR 170 Intro to Agriculture Education
30515 HY 3 MW 10:30am- 11:45am T2D1 KM. Larsen 14 $75 $564 Books for AGR&course-1=170&section-1=HY

Book(s) for AGR 170 HY:
Follett Bookstore link

Monday's lecture for this course will be held online and streamed at its regularly scheduled time. Wednesday's lecture will be held face to face on campus. Access to a computer with a webcam is required.
AGR 201 Crop Science
30461 A 4 TTh 9:00am- 11:15am T2D1 KM. Larsen 9 $100 $752 Books for AGR&course-1=201&section-1=A

Book(s) for AGR 201 A:
Follett Bookstore link