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Early Childhood Education

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ECE Classes

ECE 114 Child Care and Development
30267 A 3 MW 2:00pm- 3:15pm 2H14JA. Jones 30 Books for ECE&course-1=114&section-1=A
ECE 115 Prin Early Child Educ
30290 A 3 MW 3:30pm- 4:45pm 2H14JA. Jones 30 Books for ECE&course-1=115&section-1=A
ECE 118 Parent-Teachr-Child-Comm Relat
30664 TI 3 Online  AK. Eichman 25 Books for ECE&course-1=118&section-1=TI
ECE 228 Child Health, Nutrition, Safet
30667 N 3 T 6:00pm- 8:40pm 2L05 KI. Schaefer 30 Books for ECE&course-1=228&section-1=N
ECE 250 Early Childhood Practicum I
30268 A 3 TBA   1L03 SM. Zinke 10 Books for ECE&course-1=250&section-1=A