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EET Classes

EET 107 Intro to DC and AC Circuits
30564 A 4 TTh 3:00pm- 4:15pm 1B05 SP. McPherson 11 $19 Books for EET&course-1=107&section-1=A
T 4:30pm- 6:30pm 1B05
EET 110 Intro to Digital Electronics
30397 A 4 TTh 8:00am- 9:15am 2C10 SP. McPherson 10 $19 Books for EET&course-1=110&section-1=A
Students registereing for EET 110 A needs to also register for either lab section AA or AB.
30681 AA T 9:30am- 11:30am 1B05 SP. McPherson 2 Books for EET&course-1=110&section-1=AA
30682 AB Th 9:30am- 11:30am 1B05 SP. McPherson 7 Books for EET&course-1=110&section-1=AB
EET 218 Microprocess Architecture Apps
30654 A 4 MW 1:30pm- 3:45pm 1B05 SP. McPherson 13 Books for EET&course-1=218&section-1=A
EET 252 Industrial Electronics
30662 A 3 MW 8:00am- 9:50am 1B05 SP. McPherson 10 $19 Books for EET&course-1=252&section-1=A
EET 261 Adv Programmable Controllers
30416 A 3 MW 10:00am- 11:50am 1B05 SP. McPherson 12 $100 Books for EET&course-1=261&section-1=A
MW 10:00am- 11:50am 1C05