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ELT Classes

ELT 101 Electrical Wiring
30124 N 3 T 5:00pm- 8:30pm 1B05 JA. Johnson 16 $30 Books for ELT&course-1=101&section-1=N
T 5:00pm- 8:30pm 1C01
ELT 160 Fundamentals of Electricity
30407 A 3 MW 3:30pm- 5:20pm 1B05 CA. Carlson 12 $59 Books for ELT&course-1=160&section-1=A
MW 3:30pm- 4:30pm 1C05
30125 N 3 Th 6:00pm- 9:30pm 1B05 CD. Smith 12 $59 Books for ELT&course-1=160&section-1=N
Th 6:00pm- 9:30pm 1C01
ELT 265 Power Distribution
30663 YB 3 TTh 8:00am- 9:50am 1C05 CA. Carlson 16 $30 Books for ELT&course-1=265&section-1=YB
This is a hybrid course meeting at designated times in the classroom and additional time spent online.