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Fall 2018 ELT Classes

CRNSectionCreditsDayTimeRoomInstructorSeatsCourse FeeTotal Tuition & FeesBooks
ELT 101 Electrical Wiring
30069 N 3 MW 4:00pm- 5:50pm 1B01 JA. Johnson 8 $30 $447 Books for ELT&course-1=101&section-1=N
MW 4:00pm- 5:50pm 1C05
ELT 120 Fund of Elec w/ Applied Math
30429 A 3 TTh 1:00pm- 2:50pm 1C05 JA. Johnson 0 $30 $447 Books for ELT&course-1=120&section-1=A
TTh 1:00pm- 2:50pm 1B01
30430 N 3 W 6:00pm- 9:30pm 1C05 JA. Johnson 3 $30 $447 Books for ELT&course-1=120&section-1=N
W 6:00pm- 9:30pm 1B01
ELT 261 National Electric Code
30561 TI 3 Online  SP. McPherson 21 $6 $423 Books for ELT&course-1=261&section-1=TI
Proctored exams are required for this course. Arrangements for proctoring locations, other than the SVCC testing center, can be made for students living out of district by approval of the instructor. Any fees related to proctoring of off-site testing are the responsibility of the student.