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MUS Classes

MUS 155 Concert Band
30036 N 1 M 6:30pm- 8:10pm CHALMS SK. Gregory 9 Books for MUS&course-1=155&section-1=N
is class is held at Challand Middle School in Sterling.
MUS 201 Music Appreciation
IAI#: F1900
30037 A 3 TTh 11:00am- 12:15pm 1M24 KA. Murray 15 Books for MUS&course-1=201&section-1=A
30366 B 3 MW 8:00am- 9:15am 1M24 SK. Gregory 15 Books for MUS&course-1=201&section-1=B
30529 TI 3 Online  KA. Murray 0 Books for MUS&course-1=201&section-1=TI