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Fall 2017 PHL Classes

CRNSectionCreditsDayTimeRoomInstructorSeatsCourse FeeTotal Tuition & FeesBooks
PHL 101 Intro to Logic/Formal Reason
IAI#: H4906
30550 A 3 TTh 11:00am- 12:15pm 2C06 KM. Megill 1 $402 Books for PHL&course-1=101&section-1=A
TTh 11:00am- 12:15pm 2C06
PHL 102 Introduction to Philosophy
IAI#: H4900
30348 A 3 MW 1:30pm- 2:45pm 3G06 KM. Megill 0 $402 Books for PHL&course-1=102&section-1=A
30169 N 3 TBA   Staff 0 $402 Books for PHL&course-1=102&section-1=N
PHL 103 Ethics and Social Policy
IAI#: H4904
30047 N 3 T 6:00pm- 8:45pm 2M05 KM. Megill 21 $402 Books for PHL&course-1=103&section-1=N
PHL 104 World Religions
IAI#: H5904
30523 N 3 Th 6:00pm- 8:45pm 2L05 BA. Clements 17 $402 Books for PHL&course-1=104&section-1=N
30603 TI 3 Online  BA. Clements 0 $402 Books for PHL&course-1=104&section-1=TI
Students will take 2 exams. Exams may be taken in the SVCC testing center. Students can make arrangements with the instructor to have the exams proctored in another location.