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PHY Classes

PHY 175 Introduction to Physics
IAI#: P1900
30144 A 4 M 3:00pm- 5:00pm 2G10RF. Sotelo 11 $20 Books for PHY&course-1=175&section-1=A
W 3:00pm- 5:30pm 2G10
PHY 201 General Physics I
IAI#: P1900
30145 A 5 TTh 2:00pm- 4:50pm 2G10JR. Chisholm 11 $20 Books for PHY&course-1=201&section-1=A
Students are strongly encouraged to have completed MATT 122 or be enrolled in it concurrently
PHY 210 Intro to Engineering Profess
30299 TU 2 TBA   JR. Chisholm 10 Books for PHY&course-1=210&section-1=TU
Students should meet with the instructor in room 2G04 during the first week of the semester.
PHY 212 Engineering Physics II
30146 A 5 MW 9:00am- 10:15am 2G10JR. Chisholm 18 $20 Books for PHY&course-1=212&section-1=A
Th 9:30am- 12:20pm 2G10
PHY 221 Mechanics I (Statics)
30446 A 3 MW 1:30pm- 2:45pm 2G10JR. Chisholm 19 $20 Books for PHY&course-1=221&section-1=A