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XHP 705 Intermediate Yoga
30826 W1 Th 5:30pm- 7:00pm TWC Staff 10 $65 Books for XHP&course-1=705&section-1=W1
Ancient Yoga Stretching The word Yoga means “union”. In this practice you will connect the mind and body through focus and breath. Combining stretching with deep breathing, the body learns to relax and all systems come into better balance supporting the body’s natural tendency towards healing and health. Simple meditation helps to calm the mind for less stress and better clarity. Instructor Trirong Khuntangta will teach how to stimulate pressure points to help the body function better. At the end of every class you are invited to partake in a self-hot rock massage. Students may bring their own yoga mat, towel or yoga strap to class. (Ages 14 – Adult)