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Spring Friday Only Classes

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Spring 2021 Friday-Only Classes

Please note that all courses are subject to change format at the discretion of the College. To protect the safety and well being of students, face to face classes may change to online or hybrid at any time. Students will be notified of the change via their SVCC email.

CRNSectionCreditsDayTimeRoomInstructorSeatsCourse FeeTotal Tuition & FeesBooks
EDU 225 Topics in Leadership
60548 SY 1 F 9:00am- 10:50am ONLINE DM. Hellmich 18 $2 $157 Books for EDU&course-1=225&section-1=SY

Book(s) for EDU 225 SY:
Follett Bookstore link

The lecture for this course will be held online and streamed at its regularly scheduled time. Access to a computer with a webcam is required Class dates: January 11, 2021 - March 5, 2021
HRS 100 EPA Certification
60195 A 0.5 F 8:00am- 4:00pm 1C05 SP. McPherson 8 $5 $82.5 Books for HRS&course-1=100&section-1=A

Book(s) for HRS 100 A:
Follett Bookstore link

This is a one-day only course meeting on Friday, April 2, 2021 from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Class dates: April 2, 2021 - April 2, 2021
IND 131 OSHA Standards
60182 A 1 F 8:00am- 1:30pm 1C01 SP. McPherson 25 $10 $165 Books for IND&course-1=131&section-1=A

Book(s) for IND 131 A:
Follett Bookstore link

F 8:00am- 1:30pm 1C03
F 8:00am- 4:00pm 1C01
F 8:00am- 4:00pm 1C03
Class dates: March 19, 2021 - March 26, 2021
PHL 103 Ethics and Social Policy
IAI#: H4904
60192 SY 3 F 9:00am- 11:45am ONLINE KM. Megill 7 $6 $471 Books for PHL&course-1=103&section-1=SY

Book(s) for PHL 103 SY:
Follett Bookstore link

This course will combine a mix of asynchronous and synchronous learning components. Synchronous learning will be held online and streamed during regular class meeting times. Access to a computer with webcam is required.