Name Policy

SVCC Students, Faculty, and Staff:

SVCC has several options for all members of the SVCC Community to complete a name change, provide us with a preferred name, and/or make use of pronouns within our many systems and platforms. To make use of these options, please follow the instructions below for each system. Regarding use of a preferred name, please note below where those can and cannot appear.

Preferred Name and Pronoun Change:

You may change/update/add your preferred name and pronouns by visiting https://myinfo.svcc.edu. You will then click on the Personal Information button. At this point you will see a heading that says “Personal Details.” Click on the edit icon in the top right corner of the Personal Details box. From there you will be able to update your preferred name and your pronouns. Be sure to click the “update” button once you have made your changes.

Student Specific Information:

Any student wishing to change their legal name (not a pronoun or a preferred name) should contact the college Admissions and Records office to complete the appropriate paperwork and submit verification of the name change. Name changes must be in place by the start of the semester. Any legal name change request submitted during the semester in which a student is enrolled will be processed following grade reporting for that term. Students should also contact admissions if they wish to make any changes to their student email.

Employee Specific Information:

Employees who wish to change their name should contact Human Resources after updating their information at https://myinfo.svcc.edu. HR will then work with the employee to make the change known to their supervisor and contact ITS to make any potential changes to the employee email address and the college directory. HR can also work with the print shop to update any employee name plates on doors or in offices.

Any employee may request an email address change by contacting the help desk at: help@svcc.edu


Items where a preferred name may appear:

  • Class Roster
  • Email address
  • Canvas
  • Degree (if requested on intent to graduate)


Items where a preferred name may not appear:

  • Official Transcripts
  • Tax Documents
  • Student/Staff/Faculty ID