Sauk Scholars Program

Our Sauk Scholars Program is designed to reward area high school seniors who have been recognized by a record of outstanding scholastic achievement. Recipients of the award are chosen based solely on academic merit.

Deisy Diaz
Deisy Diaz
Sterling High School graduate
2016 SVCC graduate
Transferred to the University of Illinois
“The Sauk Scholar program gave me the opportunity to continue my education and allowed me to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer. I was able to focus on academics without worrying about tuition.”
Michael Barth
Michael Barth
Dixon High School graduate
2016 SVCC graduate
Transferred to Northern Illinois University
“Sauk Scholars allowed me to pay for my first two years of college [and it] changed my college experience from one of self service, to one of community and fellowship, and provided me with opportunities to develop my leadership skills and engage in community service.”

Your Benefits as a Sauk Scholar

  • 12 credit hours tuition FREE* for both the fall AND spring semesters
  • Your scholarship renews for a second year if you complete the minimum requirements of the award (see below)
  • Over two years, you may be eligible for a maximum of 48 credit hours tuition free for a potential tuition savings of more than $6,000
  • You can grow as a leader and build your resume through your participation in local service programs

Your Initial Eligibility

  • As a high school graduate, you must be ranked in the top 10% of your class or be ranked in the 90th national percentile in either the ACT or SAT
  • If you are home schooled, your ACT/SAT ranking will determine your eligibility
  • You must enroll at SVCC the fall semester immediately following your graduation from high school

Maintaining Your Eligibility

  • You must maintain full-time status (12 or more credit hours) each fall and spring semester
  • You must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA while at SVCC
  • You must participate in a minimum of 24 service hours each year

Getting Started

  • First contact your high school counselor to find out if you are eligible
  • Then, contact Sauk’s Office of Student Financial Assistance, 815-835-6339 or fa@svcc.edu

* Fees and books are not covered by the Sauk Scholar program. However, as a Sauk Scholar, you are eligible for financial aid, including scholarships, just like any other Sauk student.