TRIO Student Support Services

A federally funded, student-oriented program that offers supportive services to help its participants achieve success.

The services provided through TRIO are designed to help participants maximize their effectiveness as students and make informed decisions which will lead to a successful graduation and/or transfer. Each TRIO participant is assigned an academic coach (advisor) who offers students the kind of support necessary to take them from enrollment through graduation/transfer. Coaches are dedicated to providing individualized assistance that will enhance the academic, professional, and personal potential of the students who participate in the program.

Mission Statement:

TRIO SSS at Sauk Valley Community College, is dedicated to assisting with forward educational progress and degree or certificate completion of students who are first generation, limited income eligible, and or have a document disability.  TRIO SSS is a federally funded program by the Department of Education that offers its services free of charge.  TRIO SSS provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and provides services to motivate students towards the successful completion of their post-secondary education.  TRIO SSS assists students in navigating higher education, building college and life success skills, and building a network of resources to assist them throughout their time in higher education and while transitioning into the workforce.


Persistence Rate: 60% of all participants served in the reporting year by the SSS project will persist from one academic year to the beginning of the next academic year, or earn an associate's degree or certificate at the grantee institution, and/or transfer from a two-year to a four-year institution by the Fall term of the next academic year.  

Good Academic Standing Rate: 91% of all enrolled participants served will meet the performance level required to stay in good academic standing at the grantee institution.  

At least 41% of the new participants served each year will graduate from the grantee institution with an associate's degree or certificate within four (4) years.  A minimum of 35% of the new participants served each year will receive an associate's degree or certificate from the grantee institution and transfer to a four-year institution within four (4) years.  

Identify, select and enroll 200 eligible Program participants.  100% of SSS participants will have an Individualized Educational Plan.  

100% of the participants will be offered individualized financial assistance and advising.  SVCC and SSSP staff will foster an institutional climate supportive of TRIO-eligible students.

Office Hours

Regular Hours

Mon - Thu
8:00am - 4:30pm
8:00am - 2:00pm

Mondays through Thursdays: In-person, Google Meets, Telephone

Fridays: Google Meets or Telephone only. No In-person appointments available. 

Summer Hours

Mon - Thu
7:00am - 5:00pm

Contact Information

Room Number:

Staff Listing

Baker, Taylor  R.Academic Support Coordinator/Program Advisor815-835-6 226
or ext. 226
1D11taylor.r.baker@ svcc.edu
Jacobs, Stephanie  M.Student Support Services Project Director815-835-6 384
or ext. 384
1D07stephanie.m.jacobs@ svcc.edu
Miller, Ben  S.TRIO Tutoring Assistantbenjamin.s.miller@ svcc.edu
Young, Renata  R.Administrative Assistant to the Student Support Services Project Directorrenata.r.young@ svcc.edu