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TRIO Program Application

TRIO Program Application
    1. Program Type
    2. Please indicate Yes or No
      1. I am eligible to file for Federal Financial Aid
      2. I have a disability
      3. I am planning to transfer to a 4-year college
      4. I have a parent(s) that has a degree from a 4-year college
    3. The following information is for statistical purposes only.
      1. Gender
      2. What is your ethnicity?
      3. What is your race? (Please select all that apply.)

By checking the following box, I give my consent to release the following information to the SSS staff: standardized test scores, semester and mid-semester grades, financial aid records, admission office records, and counseling records. I also give my permission for each of my instructors to submit a written evaluation of my progress to the SSS staff each semester and for SSS staff to communicate with SVCC professional staff/faculty about me when it pertains to my best interest academically. I understand that all information will remain confidential. To the best of my knowledge, all information on this form is true and accurate.