The College Calendar

205.01  The College Calendar

  1. The fiscal year of the College is from July 1 of one year to June 30 of the next year inclusive.
  2. The College academic year shall begin with the registration and orientation scheduled just prior to the first day of instruction of the fall semester, whichever is earlier, and extend no less than one day beyond the official date of Commencement at the end of the spring semester. For purposes of administration, the summer session is considered a special session outside the academic year calendar.
  3. An administrative calendar specifying working days for all twelve-month personnel will be issued by the Office of the President prior to the start of each fiscal year (July 1).
  4. The College shall schedule a sufficient number of preparatory, instructional, and testing days each semester to ensure that adequate time is provided for teaching and learning and to comply with minimum State requirements and standards. The calendar shall also include days for registration, pre-entrance testing, and other activities associated with admission to the College.


  • 03-23-1981
  • 03-23-1987

Cabinet Reviewed:

  • 04-23-2024