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College for Kids

College for Kids provides fun, informative classes to students entering 3rd through 8th grades.


College for Kids STEM classes will be offered for 4 weeks this summer in partnership with Black Rocket.

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Meet our partner

Black Rocket Black Rocket provides unique enrichment and educational programs in partnership with schools across the country. Distinctive camps in the creative sciences, gaming and digital arts focus on the intersection of creativity and technology. Each camp emphasizes self-empowerment, cognitive reasoning, teamwork and divergent thinking through hands-on learning.


June 18-21 - Code Breakers

Calling all future coders, programmers, & designers! Learn the basics of coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS through a series of web projects and design challenges each day and be on your way to becoming the next tech star! Whether you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg or the high school student who just made $1 million dollars for programming in his bedroom, this course has the essentials you need to begin your journey. Projects will be available on a Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. Students will work in pairs or teams for most of the program.

CRN: 10240 Add
Monday – Thursday; June 18-21; 9:00AM-12:00PM (Ages 8-11 years old)*
Cost: $109 per person
CRN: 10241 Add
Monday – Thursday; June 18-21; 1:00-4:00PM (Ages 11-14 years old)*
Cost: $109 per person

June 25-28 - Make Your First Video Game!

If you love playing video games, this is the camp for you! Make your first video game in this one-of-a-kind class that shows you the keys to designing your first 2D platformer game. Conceptualization, play experience, level design, graphics, sounds, and simple coding are just some of the concepts that we’ll explore. No prior experience necessary, just a desire to have fun. Student created games will be available on a password protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. Games are only compatible on PC computers, Mac versions can be created after the program for $15.00 conversion fee. Students will work in pairs or teams for most of the program.

CRN: 10242
Class is currently full. Please email or call 815-835-6212 to be added to a wait list.
Monday – Thursday; June 25-28; 9:00AM-12:00PM (Ages 8-11 years old)*
Cost: $109 per person
CRN: 10243
Class is currently full. Please email or call 815-835-6212 to be added to a wait list.
Monday – Thursday; June 25-28; 1:00-4:00PM (Ages 11-14 years old)*
Cost: $109 per person

July 9-12 - MinecraftⓇ Modders

Use your favorite game to learn the basics of modding and foundations of programming. Learn scripting and logic statements as you create your first mods! Introductory coding will also be taught through a simulated environment inspired by Minecraft. Student projects will be available on a password protected Black Rocket website to share with friends and family. To access their project at home students must own a PC/MAC version of Minecraft. Tablet, phone, and game console versions of Minecraft are not compatible. Students will work in pairs or teams for most of the program. Minecraft camps offered by Community Education at Sauk Valley Community College are not an official Minecraft product and are not approved by, or associated with, Mojang.

CRN: 10244
Class is currently full. Please email or call 815-835-6212 to be added to a wait list.
Monday – Thursday; July 9-12; 9:00AM-12:00PM (Ages 8-11 years old)*
Cost: $109 per person
CRN: 10245 Add
Monday – Thursday; July 9-12; 1:00-4:00PM (Ages 11-14 years old)*
Cost: $109 per person

July 16-19 - LegoⓇ Comics: Design Your Own Adventure!

In this LEGO adventure YOU are the star! Pick your favorite LEGO genre or create an alternate universe to create a digital illustrated story or graphic novel. Whether you want to fight alongside Superheroes, create a Minecraft story, hang with the Nexo Knights, or go into space with Rey and Finn, the only requirement is that you put yourself in the story! All students will end the class with a digital comic book that can be shared with friends and family on a password protected website! Students will work in teams for most of the program.

CRN: 10246 Add
Monday – Thursday; July 16-19; 9:00AM-12:00PM (Ages 8-11 years old)*
Cost: $109 per person
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Monday – Thursday; July 16-19; 1:00-4:00PM (Ages 11-14 years old)*
Cost: $109 per person

* The age range listed is only a guideline, not a requirement. Exceptions can be made for enrollment into each class.

July 23-26 - Summer Enrichment Classes

4 Session Classes: Monday, July 23 – Thursday, July 26

Pick one class from each time segment and create a full day schedule (8:00AM-4:00PM).
Classes are individually priced.

Supervision will be provided from 11:30AM-12:30PM and during the 30-minute break between classes. Students may bring a non-refrigerated lunch to eat between 11:30-12:30PM.

8:00-11:30AM - Exploring a Fascinating Complex Organism

The human body is a fascinating and complex organism – a symphony of different functional systems working together. Immerse yourself in a week of hands-on activities that will introduce you to real-world involvement in caring for the human body.

Instructor-Maria Biagioni

CRN: 10253
Monday – Thursday; July 23-26; 8:00AM-4:00PM*
Cost: $99 per person

12:30-2:00PM - Food is Love

Food is Love will demonstrate how your love of family can be shown by care, knowledge, and simple cooking techniques. Students will learn how simple ingredient choices for recipes can be healthier, tastier, and more enjoyable for everyone. Basic cooking, sanitation, and safety will be the focus. Students will learn how to prepare healthier versions of snacks and desserts that they are currently familiar. Cost includes supplies and each student will receive the Tovala Kids Kitchen Knife and Cutting Board Set.

Instructor-Carl Camastro

CRN: 10254 Add
Monday – Thursday; July 23-26; 12:30-2:00PM*
Cost: $65 per person

2:30-4:00PM - Yoga

Students will explore Hatha Yoga with a focus on poses named after animals (down dog, dolphin, cat-cow, etc.). All abilities are welcome. Session includes a brief guided visualization mediation of nature. Students will be invited to chronicle their yoga journey.

Instructor-Jennifer Sleeman

CRN: 10255
Monday – Thursday; July 23-26; 2:30-4:00PM*
Cost: $40 per person

1 Session Classes: Monday, July 23 (only)

10:00-11:30AM - Recognition & Treatment of Minor Cuts, Scrapes, Bone Fractures & Signs of Infection

Students will be presented with a general overview of superficial and deep wounds, various types of fractures, bandaging techniques, and a brief introduction to diagnostic tools; reflex hammer, tuning forks, X-rays, and an array of different types of surgical instruments, used in an ER/operating room setting.

Instructor-Dr. Steve Phillips

CRN: 10256 Add
Monday; July 23; 10:00-11:30AM*
Cost: $15 per person

2:30-4:00PM - Beginner Crochet: Friendship Bracelet

Hey Kids! Are you looking for a fun and new way to spend your time? Learn to crochet; it is a skill that will stay with you for a lifetime. In this class, we will learn the single crochet and chain stitch. Supply list will be given. (ages 10 & up)

Instructor-Pamela Martino

CRN: 10257
Monday; July 23; 2:30-4:00PM (Ages 10 & Up)*
Cost: $15 per person

1 Session Classes: Tuesday, July 24 (only)

10:00-11:30AM - Sugar Cookie Decorating

Learn to create special cookies using a variety of decorating techniques. Students need to bring 24 sugar cookies and a hand towel. Decorating supplies included.

Instructor-Jean Treter

CRN: 10258 Add
Tuesday; July 24; 10:00-11:30AM*
Cost: $20 per person

10:00-11:30AM - Prairie Exploration

Learn about the birds, mammals, and plants of the Illinoi Prairie through bird calls, predator games, and plant identification. Take a walk to the prairie on the SVCC campus and discover the importance of prairie plants to Native Americans and early settlers. Students are required to wear long pants and sunscreen.

Instructor-Lori Anton

CRN: 10263
Tuesday; July 24; 10:00-11:30AM*
Cost: $15 per person

12:30-2:00PM - Chocolate Candy Creations

Learn how to make filled chocolates such as caramel filled cups and chocolate covered cherries, and how to paint on chocolate. Supplies included.

Instructor-Jean Treter

CRN: 10259
Tuesday; July 24; 12:30-2:00PM*
Cost: $20 per person

2:30-4:00PM - Intermediate Crochet: Keyring

If you have already mastered the single crochet and would like to take your skills to the next level, this is the class for you. Students will learn to crochet the single crochet in rounds and go home with a curly cue that you can add to a key ring or book bag zipper. Supply list will be given (ages 10 & up).

Instructor-Pamela Martino

CRN: 10260
Tuesday; July 24; 2:30-4:00PM*
Cost: $15 per person

1 Session Classes: Wednesday, July 25 (only)

8:00-9:30AM - Microscope Exploration

Students will explore the microscopic world in this course by learning about the parts and techniques involved in microscope use. Students will view prepared slides and create wet mounts of plant cells, their own cheek cells, and a sample from the Rock River.

Instructor-Nicole Schlemmer

CRN: 10261 Add
Wednesday; July 25; 8:00-9:30AM*
Cost: $15 per person

1 Session Classes: Thursday, July 26 (only)

10:00-11:30AM - Cupcake Decorating

Learn to fill cupcakes and use basic decorating techniques. Students need to bring 12-24 unfrosted cupcakes, pudding to fill cupcakes and a hand towel. Decorating supplies are included.

Instructor – Jean Treter

CRN: 10262 Add
Thursday; July 26; 10:00-11:30AM*
Cost: $20 per person

12:30-2:00PM - Feathers, Flight and Eggs

Explore the important features of birds: feathers, flight, and eggs. Students will view different types of feathers and learn their functions. The feathers will be observed under the microscope and on a living bird. Students will see how birds and aircraft fly and study the basics of flight. Students will design their own original paper airplanes. A variety of eggs will be examined from geese, ducks, chickens, and more.
Instructor-Lori Anton

CRN: 10264
Thursday; July 26; 12:30-2:00PM*
Cost: $15 per person


Registration & Payment Policy
Registration is required to attend class. Payment is due at the time of registration. Payment can be made by mail, phone, and fax, online or in person.
Withdrawal Policy
Withdrawals must be completed by phone, call 815.835.6212, or in person at the Community Education Department Office, 1F11. Documentation is required for the student withdrawal to be processed. Please leave a message if no one is available to take your call.
Refund Policy
If classes are canceled due to low enrollment, students will receive a full refund. No refunds will be given to students who do not withdrawal three business days before the first day of class. Business days are Monday through Friday and excludes observed Holidays.
Full or Canceled Classes Policy
The Community Education Department reserves the right to limit enrollment or cancel a class due to insufficient enrollment. For this reason, please register at least one week before class begins to guarantee your class is not canceled. Every effort will be made to notify students that a class has been filled or canceled. Students will receive full refunds for full or canceled classes.
Bad Weather Cancellation Policy
If SVCC cancels classes due to bad weather, Community Education classes will also be canceled. Cancellations will be announced on area radio, TV stations and on our website,