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Library Handouts

Library Handouts

Evaluating Information

Use the CRAAP test developed at University of California (Chico) to determine the currency, relevance, authority, accuracy and purpose of an information source.

Information Sources

Lists the different kinds of resources, their potential utility for research, and their advantages and disadvantages.

Keyword vs Subject Searching

The differences between using keywords and subject headings for searching online research databases.

Library of Congress Classification

An outline of the classification system used in academic libraries, to help you locate books in our collection.

Tips for Using Library Resources

Examples of the kinds of resources available from the library, and tips for using them effectively.

Using Limiters to Focus a Search

The EBSCO Discovery search box on the library home page helps you search nearly all library resources at once. The limiters that display to the left of your search results help you focus those results. The result is a smaller, more useful set of results.