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Reference Books

Botany : an introduction to plant biology 2009: REF QK47 .M38 2009                         

Photographic atlas for the botany laboratory 2008: REF QK642 .V36 2008               


Books to Check Out

  • Books about Botany are located in the QK1-989 area of the stacks. Subcategories are broken down as follows.
  • Use the words and phrases below to search the online catalog for books at Sauk and at other I-Share libraries.

QK1-474.5 General including geographical distribution

QK474.8-495 Spermatophyta. Phanerogams

QK494-494.5 Gymnosperms

QK495 Angiosperms

QK504-(638) Cryptogams

QK640-(707) Plant anatomy

QK710-899 Plant physiology

QK900-989 Plant ecology


Other terms to consider

Agriculture                                     Floriculture                                                Phycology

Agronomy                                      Forest and forestry                                   Plant anatomy

Algae                                               Fungi                                                           Plant growth

Angiosperm                                   Genetics                                                     Plant morphology

Bacteriology                                   Gymnosperm                                            Plant pathology

Biochemistry                                  Landscape architecture                          Plant physiology

Breeding (plant)                             Lichens                                                      Plant taxonomy

Bryology                                          Microbes                                                   Prokaryotes

Cell biology                                     Monocotyledons                                     Spermatophyta

Cryptogams                                    Mosses                                                      Thallophytes

Dicotyledons                                  Mycology                                                   Vascular plants

Ecology                                            Non-vascular plant                                   Viruses

Economic Botany                           Paleobotany

Embryology                                    Phanerogams 

Eukaryotes                                      Photosynthesis 

Magazines and Journals in the LRC

National Geographic ( Previous year and current year)

Research Databases for Online Articles

Access Science

CREDO Reference


Academic Search Complete

EBSCO eBOOK Collection



Botanical Society of America

Provides Botany career information.

Chicago Botanic Garden

Promotes the enjoyment, understanding, and conservation of plants and the natural world.

Green Roof Milwaukee Public Museum

Information about Milwaukee Public Museum’s green roof and the benefits it provides.

Klehm Arboretum in Rockford, IL

Klehm consists of 155 acres and is a nonprofit arboretum and botanical garden in Rockford, IL

Milwaukee Public Museum

The Milwaukee Public Museum intersects human history and natural science.

Nachusa Grasslands

Nachusa Grasslands consists of 3000 acres of prairie remnants, restorations, and reconstructions located between Oregon, Dixon and Franklin Grove, IL.   


“PlantingScience” connects scientists, teachers, and students in a manner designed to take science to a new level.

Society for Economic Botany

Fosters research and education on the past, present, and future uses of plants by people.

Uof I Extension

Features information specific to horticulture.

United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service

U.S. governmental agency which provides leadership (in a partnership effort) to help people conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment.