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Programs and Workshops

Programs and Workshops

These programs are free and open to all SAUK students and may be completed as many times as a student feels the need to do so. Pre-registration is always required. Please contact the writing center if there are no upcoming dates listed for the workshop(s) you are interested in.

Anatomy of an Essay Workshop Available March 15, 17, 18      Note Taking Workshop Series      Understanding Citations Workshop Available March 22, 23, 24      Research Paper Basics workshop available March 15, 16, 25      Writing Basics workshop Available March 22, 23, 25     

For questions or to register, please email writing.center@svcc.edu


Virtual Independent Writing Lab

The Virtual Writing Lab is a place where students can work independently on all writing assignments but still have the advantage of getting their questions answered as they arise. Students connect through Google Meet and work independently on their own assignments. Writing Center staff are available to answer questions and work one-on-one in a private manner with each student as needed.

Students are welcome to pop in and out of sessions as needed, but Pre-registration is required. Please email writing.center@svcc.edu to register.