Course Exams for Other Colleges

Acceptable Forms of ID

  • Government issued photo ID
  • State issued photo ID
  • Student ID

Exam Preparation

When preparing to take your exams at the SVCC Testing Center please make yourself aware of our hours.  When scheduling give your self plenty of time to check in and complete your exam.  All exams will be stopped and collected ten minutes prior to the close of day.


Accommodations must be approved by your institution prior to your appointment.

Steps to Take the Exam

  1. Contact your institution and inform them you would like to take your exam at SVCC
  2. Your institution may require some basic information about us such as our telephone number (815)835-6530, and email address: testing@svcc.edu
  3. Call the SVCC Testing Center at (815)835-6530 to schedule your appointment
  4. Pay the $25 fee in the SVCC Business Office prior to your scheduled appointment
  5. Bring a valid photo ID, receipt if applicable, and any additional materials required by your institution to your scheduled appointment.

Exam Fees

$25 per exam