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Academic Advising

Mission Statement

To foster collaborative student-advisor relationships centered on developing and defining personal, academic, and career goals, and introducing appropriate resources to achieve those goals.


  • Provide access to professional academic advisors that demonstrate care and respect.
  • Collaborate with students to create academic plans that reflect their personal, academic, and career goals.
  • Provide information related to campus and community resources as appropriate to the individual student.


Advisors will:
  • Understand and effectively communicate curriculum and program requirements.
  • Assist students in selecting courses based on personal, educational, and career goals.
  • Explain institutional academic policies and procedures.
  • Provide information related to college and community resources.
  • Be reasonably accessible to students through scheduled in person appointments, drop in, phone calls, and/or e-mails.
  • Actively listen to student’s concerns and respect their decisions.
  • Discuss academic performance with students, and how that performance relates to success
  • Maintain confidentiality according to established standards.
  • Collaborate with students in the creation and regular updating of academic plans.
When meeting with an advisor, students should:
  • Be prepared to discuss goals and educational plans.
  • Be open regarding needs and goals.
  • Engage in learning about campus policies, procedures, and resources.
  • Ask questions to clarify any information that is not understood.
  • Be open and willing to consider professional recommendations.
  • Accept responsibility for personal, academic, and career decisions.
  • Follow an individualized academic plan that supports the completion of academic goals.
  • Review academic plan periodically and keep advisor apprised of any changes.
  • Keep scheduled appointments or give ample notice to reschedule.
  • Inform advisor of any academic challenges and difficulties experienced early.

Office Hours

Regular Hours

Mon - Wed
8:00am - 7:00pm
Thu - Fri
8:00am - 4:30pm

Summer Hours

Mon - Wed
7:00am - 7:00pm
7:00am - 5:00pm

Contact Information

(815) 835-6354

SVCC Academic Advisors

Staff group photo
Mandy Aldridge
Phone: (815) 835-6390
Valerie Kern-Lyons
Phone: (815) 835-6204
Skype(TM) ID: valerie.kernlyons
Sarah McFarlane
Phone: (815) 835-6368
Susan Vance
Phone: (815) 835-6408
Josh West
Phone: (815) 835-6334