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Career Cruising

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Career Cruising is a web-based self-exploration and planning program that provides self-assessments to help recognize your interests and skill sets, and matches you up with best-fitting careers. Career Cruising is also a great place to search and gather information about careers. This includes learning about the day-to-day aspects of a specific job,  reviewing the educational path to get there, salary information, employment prospects, and much more. 

 First time users:

Create a new account:

(While not necessary to use Career Cruising features, having your own account allows you to save assessments you take and careers you find of interest)

  • Career Cruising Homepage
  • Log in to with the school's basic username (SVCC) & password (saukvalley), click Sign In, then you will be directed to a homepage similar to the one pictured above.
  • Click "Log In to My Plan" (upper left).
  • From the drop-down menu, select "Create My Plan" (on the right).
  • Creating an Account
  • Fill all required fields in "My Information".
  • Click "Create My Plan" to finish. Log in to with the new username and password.

Once you have created a profile, you can start "cruising" to learn more about yourself and good career matches!

One of the most helpful features of Career Cruising is the "Matchmaker" assessment, which you can select from the "Assessments" area.


Different Assessment Available

Matchmaker will ask you a series of questions using the format seen below. Upon completion, you will receive a ranked list of careers that are the best fit based on your results. 

Matchmaker Example Question