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Student Right-to-Know: Success Rates

All Students

MetricPercentage of Students
Fall to Spring Semester Retention Rate+75.6%
Fall to Fall Semester Retention Rate+59.3%
Completion Rate (150% time)*29%
Completion Rate (200% time)*33%
Transfer Rate*22%

+Source: SVCC FY 2013 data, *Source: 2013 IPEDS

For more data about how SVCC is performing, see Sauk’s Strategic Planning Dashboard.

Scholarship Athletes

  • Approximately 33.3% of the scholarship athletes complete their program within 3 years.
  • Approximately 46.6% transferred to another 2 or 4 year institution
  • Approximately 90% of the scholarship athletes either graduated, are still at SVCC, or transferred to another 2 or 4 year institution within 3 years.

Source: ICCB GRS report; 2012 cohort, first-time full-time athletic related aid awarded