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SVCC Student Technology: Did You Know?

Student Email

Google Gmail Product LogoYou can:

Google Drive

Google Drive Product LogoYou can:

Google Calendar

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Sauk Labs

You can:

  • find open computer labs for student use in 2F01 and the library.
  • make color copies in the library? Ask a librarian for help!

Student Tech Help

You can:

  • find tech help and support on the Sauk webpage? Click the word “more” in the Students’ section on the Sauk website’s home page; then go to the Support section.
  • ask the lab assistant on duty in 2F01 for tech help with your online accounts, Canvas questions, syncing your Sauk accounts with a mobile device, or other tech support.

Security and Privacy

You should:

  • change your password from the initial sv####. Change it every few months; make sure you keep a record of it.
  • make sure to save all your work to Google Drive or a USB drive before leaving a computer lab. Computers are rebooted daily and are set to erase all documents saved to it and clear any information entered into a web browser, such as account passwords.
  • log out of all accounts before leaving a computer in a campus lab. The next person who uses your computer could gain access to your online accounts if you don’t. Restarting a lab computer when you are done will completely wipe the computer of your information.