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Academic/Services Complaint Procedure

Out of State complaints

Step one: Informal Resolution

As a student, the first step you should take in resolving a concern or complaint is to directly address the individual and discuss the issue(s) in question. Discuss the issue in a professional, calm, and logical manner.

If the complaint includes areas such as sexual discrimination, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, or stalking please visit

Step two: Informal Resolution Continues

If there is no resolution to your concern or complaint or if you are not comfortable speaking to the other person, please contact the correct SVCC employee listed below or complete the online form. Contacting the correct employee will expedite a possible resolution of your concern or complaint.

  • Student to student issues:
    Contact the Dean of Student Services

    Office 1E29
  • Faculty or class issues (General Education/Transfer Courses):
    Contact the Dean of General Education and Transfer Programs

    Office 3K28
  • Faculty or class issues (Career/Technical Courses):
    Contact the Director of Business, Career and Technical Programs

    Office 1E15
  • Faculty or class issues (Health Professions):
    Contact the Director of Health Professions

    Office 3F4B
  • Faculty or class issues (Community Education or Business Education):
    Contact the VP of Research, Planning and Information Affairs

    Office 3L12
  • Business Office issues (tuition, fees, work study disbursements):
    Contact the Dean of Business Services

    Office 1H2
  • Financial Aid or Veteran Services issues:
    Contact the Director of Financial Assistance

    Office 1E37
  • Student Services issues (Athletics, Admissions, Advising, TRIO/SSS, Disability Services Office, Student Activities):
    Contact the Dean of Student Services

    Office 1E29
  • Facilities issues (classrooms, parking):
    Contact the Director of
    Office 1C2
  • Technology Services issues (student email, Canvas, SOAR):
    Contact the Director of Information Services

    Office 2E25
  • Learning Commons, LC Tutoring Center, Adult Ed., VITAL issues:
    Contact the Dean of General Education and Transfer Programs

    Office 3K28
  • Other issues:
    VP of Academics and Student Services

    Office 3L10
Student Complaint Form

Please describe the nature of this complaint, parties involved, and steps you have already taken to resolve this issue below. The form will be routed to the appropriate administrator who will respond within 3 business days. Please be sure to provide contact information in the areas provided.

  1. Student Name

Step three: Formal Resolution

Students who have attempted an informal resolution to their complaint or concern but feel as if their complaint or concern was not resolved may file a formal, written complaint with any of the parties listed above. Please contact the same employee as in step two in order to expedite the process. The written complaint will be reviewed by the appropriate college employees and the student will receive a written response of the outcome within 10 business days.

If you feel that the College is not following the complaint process offered, or your complaint isn't being taken seriously, you can contact the Illinois Community College Board, or, if you are an out of state student you may file a complaint with the state in which you reside (see Student Complaint Information by State (PDF).)