Adult Education Classes (GED® High School Equivalency preparation)

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Adult Basic Education classes can help you improve your reading, writing, and math skills. Adult Secondary Education classes can help you to prepare for the high school equivalency exam, the GED. 

Class Information

Adult Education classes are designed to assist you in preparing for the GED exams.  Classes start several times throughout the year and are available in person in the morning and evening at Sauk Valley Community College.   Please see the class schedule for more information.

Adult Education classes are for those who are 17 years of age or older. To participate, students may not be enrolled in high school, nor have previously earned their U.S. High School Equivalency certificate.  If the student is under the age of 18 years old, a letter of separation from the high school must be provided. Students must bring this letter to enroll in the class.  

I-Pathways Online GED Preparation

Students who qualify have the option of participating in the online GED preparation program called I-Pathways.  I-Pathways is a distance learning program for students interested in preparing for the GED Tests from home or another remote location.  For more information on the I-Pathways program, please contact the Program Director at 815-835-6312.

What is the cost to attend classes?

Classes are FREE for qualified students.

How do I enroll in GED classes?

  1. Go to community/adult-education/index
  2. Complete the Adult Education Registration Form 
  3. Register for a GED New Student Orientation session
  4. Once you have completed New Student Orientation, attend class.  You can view the class schedule here - community/adult-education/schedules

How do I enroll in college or a training program once my GED is completed?

As our adult education students are completing their educational goals, our program staff will help them transition to college or seek employment.  To learn more about how the Adult Education program can help you to transition to college or to the workforce, go to community/adult-education/workforce

Please contact the Adult Education office at 815-835-6310 with any questions.