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Language Arts Course Preparedness Standards

The following courses may be taken by any student regardless of placement.
Course#Course Name
ART100Media Arts
ART1012-D Design Foundations
ART103Digital Photgraphy
ART107Digital Drawing
ART225Photography I
ART250Sculpture I
BIO120Environmental Health
BUS104Personal Finance
BUS240Real Estate Transactions
BUS250Real Estate Lic Reinst Refresh
CIS90Beginning Microcomputers
CIS95Beginning Software Systems
CIS96Advanced Software Systems
CIS105Intro to Microsoft Windows
CIS115Windows Technology
CIS121Beginning JavaScript
CIS123JavaScript Basics
CIS151Network Certification
CIS152Intro to Internetworking
CIS180Introduction to Internet
CSS100Student Success Skills
CSS110Career Decision Making
CSS111Resume Writing & Interviewing
CSS120Information Literacy
DFT141Geometric Dimension & Tolerance
ECE110Topics/Issues Early Child Educ
ECE114Child Care and Development
ECE115Prin Early Child Educ
ECE118Parent-Teachr-Child-Comm Relat
ECE200Art & Mus for Young Children
ECE202Lang Develop in Young Children
ECE206Math and Sci for Young Child
ECE208Guidance Prin for Child 0-13
ECE210Early Childhood Seminar I
ECE211Early Child Seminar II
ECE228Child Health
ECE250Early Childhood Practicum I
ECE251Early Childhood Practicum II
ECE275Curric Dev Early Child Classrm
EDU102Computer Education for Teacher
EDU105Preparing for Careers in Educa
EDU221Children's Literature
EDU222Teen and Adolescent Literature
EDU225Topics/Issues in Education
EDU227Music for Elementary Teachers
EDU276Clinical Experience Elem Ed
EDU277Clinical Experience in Sec Edu
EDU278Clinical Experience in Spec Ed
EET102Exploring Electronics
ELT102Small Appliance Repair
ENG270Creative Writing
ENG271Creative Writing II
FIR106Fire Service Vehicle Operator
FIR200Management I
FIR201Fire Service Instructor I
FIR202Fire Prevention Principles
FIR203Hazardous Materials I
FIR208Building Construction
FYE101First Year Experience
HRS100EPA Certification
HSV130Manual Communications I
HSV204Social Work Methods
HSV210Human Services Seminar I
HSV211Human Services Seminar II
HSV250Human Services Practicum I
HSV251Human Services Practicum II
HSV294Reading Materials Workshop
IND101Certified Manufacturing Asst
IND102Basic Custodial Skills
IND119Industrial Quality Control
IND131OSHA Standards
IND150Intro to Pipe Fitting
IND170Millwright - Entry
IND220Topics/Issues in Mech & Repair
MAT070Fundamentals of Mathematics
MAT074Elementary Algebra
MAT075Beginning Algebra
MUS106Concert Choir
MUS139Ensemble - Vocal
NRS101Basic Nursing Assistant
NRS103Advanced Nursing Assistant
NRS116Med Terminology for Hea Career
NRS121CNA Recertification
NRS190Nursing Care for Older Adults
OAS103Keyboard Doc Proc Basic Lev I
OAS130Records Management
PED102Beginning Yoga
PED106Adult Tumbling
PED117Water Aerobics
PED125All Level Swimming
PED132Fundamentals of Dance
PED133Folk/Square Dancing
PED134Beginning Golf
PED135Advanced Life Saving
PED139Water Safety Instructor
PED140Lifetime Fitness
PED145Outdoor Education
PED146Basic Foun in Small Craft Use
PED148Team Sports
PED150Super Circuit Fitness I
PED151Super Circuit Fitness II
PED152Super Circuit Fitness III
PED153Super Circuit Fitness IV
PED170Fitness Kickboxing
PED208Coaching Principles
PED210Tech/Theory Basketball Coach
PED211Tech/Theory Baseball Coaching
PED212Tech/Theory Track/Field Coach
PED260Sports Officiating Wrestling
SPE155Communicating for Effectivenes
THE147Theatre Practicum
VOC176Pharmacology Non-Licensed Pers
VOC250Introduction to Public Health
WLD101Industrial MIG Welding
WLD102Shielded Metal Arc Welding
WLD103MIG Welding
WLD104TIG Welding
WLD106Welding Fundamentals
WLD122Basic Welding
WLD124Intermediate Welding
WLD126Advanced Welding
The following courses may be taken by students who have placed into ELA 095 or above using either a test score or course completion and are enrolled in required language arts course.
Course#Course Name
ART113Basic Drawing I
ART299Topics/Issues in Graphic Desig
BUS103Intro to Business
BUS105Fundamentals Personal Selling
CHE102Introduction to Chemistry
CHE103Introduction to Chemistry
CHE105General Chemistry I
CIS109Intro to Microcomputer Windows
CIS162Network Administration
CIS164Network Design & Installation
CIS167A+ Certification
CIS168IT Essen-Bas Hardwr & Oper Sys
CIS169IT Techn-Adv Hardwr & Oper Sys
CJS102Sex Harass
CJS131Basic Crime Scene Photography
DFT121Geometric Dimension & Tolerance
ECO211Principles of Economics
ECE240Observation & Assess of Young Children
EET110Intro to Digital Electronics
ELT101Electrical Wiring
ELT120Fund. of Electricity w/ Applied Math
ENE150Energy Audit
HRS105Refrigeration Principles
HRS114Sheet Metal Fabrication
HRS120Basic Refrigeration
HRS130Basic Heating
HSV101Intro to Human Relations
IND105Ind Computer Applications
IND108Introduction to CAD
IND116Industrial Print Reading
IND125Machining & Manufacturing Proc
IND203Adv Machining & Manufac Proc
MET230Metallurgy & Heat Treatment
MUS126Intro to Audio for Multimedia
MUS131Applied Music: Voice
MUS133Applied Music: Organ
MUS135Applied Music: Piano
MUS137Applied Music: Instrumental
MUS140Ensemble - Instrumental
MUS155Concert Band
MUS160Pep Band
MUS171Keyboard Skills I
PED213First Aid
PED214Intro to Physical Education
PED220Rhythms & Games for Children
PSC163Am Politics & Government
PSC164State & Local Politics & Gov
PSC232Intro to Comparative Gov
PSC233Politics of the Developing World
PSC251Middle East Politics
PSC261International Relations
QLT100Total Quality Control
QLT101ISO 9000
QLT104Intro to Quality Control
QLT110Overview Lean Manufacturng Pri
QLT204Self-Directed Work Teams
SPE151Interpersonal Communication
SPE181Intro to Mass Communication
THE145Basic Acting
THE232Intro to Performance of Lit
The following courses may be taken by students who have placed into ELA 099 or above using either a test score or course completion and are enrolled in required language arts course.
Course#Course Name
ACC100Basic Accounting
ACC101Financial Accounting
BIO103Introductory Biology
BIO104Introductory Biology
BIO140Environmental Biology
BUS106Business Mathematics I
BUS112Human Relations
BUS205Principles of Management
BUS211Intro to Internatl Business
BUS218Supervision Techniques
BUS222The Legal Environment of Bus
BUS231Occupational Seminar I
BUS232Occupational Seminar II
BUS235Occupational Internship I
BUS236Occupational Internship II
BUS237Business & Managerial Ethics
CIS101Fund of Computer Info Systems
CIS117Intro to Web Design
CIS130Information Systems Management
CIS182Research and the Internet
CIS185Introduction to Multimedia
CJS101Intro to Criminal Justice
CJS104Use of Force
CJS105Instit Behavior in Corrections
CJS110Writing for CJS Professionals
CJS120Introduction to Corrections
CJS130Criminal Investigation
CJS200Ethics in Criminal Justice
CJS208Juvenile Delinquency
CJS214Correctional Counsel & Treat
CJS225Cultural Diversity in Crim Jus
CJS230Police Community Relations
CJS231Criminal Evidence & Procedure
CJS232Police and Patrol Operations
CJS250Criminal Justice Practicum
ECO212Problems of Economics
EDU101Introduction to Education
EDU210Diversity in Education
HSV110Intro to Human Services
HSV120Introduction to Group Process
LAN101Beginning French I
LAN161Beginning Spanish I
NRS102Med Term & Body Structure
PSY103Introduction to Psychology
SPE131Intro to Oral Communication
THE142Introduction to Technical Theatre
THE245Intermediate Acting
The following courses may be taken by students who have placed at ENG 101+ or above using either a test score or course completion and are enrolled in required language arts course.
Course#Course Name
AGR109Soil Science
AGR116Animal Science
AGR142Prin of Ornamental Horticultur
AGR201Plant Science
ART118Survey of Non-Western Art
ART119Survey of Western Art
ART120Prehistoric thru Medieval Art
ART121Renaissance thru Romantic Art
ART122Modern Art
BIO105Principles of Biology
BIO108Intro to Hum Anatomy/Physiol
CIS150Fund Bus Computer Programming
CJS135Criminal Law
CJS235Intro to Forensic Science
CJS236Introduction to Criminalistics
CJS237Death Investigation
CJS240Police Administration
EDU224Educ as an Agent for Change
EDU275Educational Psychology
EGR103Engineering Graphics
EGR250Internship in Engineering
EMS101Emergency Medical Training
EMS103EMT Intermediate I
EMS106Paramedic I
ENG101Composition I
ENG160Introduction to Literature
ENG206Topics/Issues in Literature
GEO122World Regional Geography
GSC115Environmental Geology
HIS131Western Civ to 1648
HIS132Western Civ Since 1648
HIS221American History to 1865
HIS222American History Since 1865
HIS231Topics/Issues in History
HUM112Film Appreciation
HUM150American Ethnic Cultural Expre
HUM210Intro to the Humanities I
HUM211Intro to Humanities II
HUM213Topics/Issues in Humanities
LAN151Beginning German I
LAN163Survival Spanish I
LAN164Survival Spanish II
LAN299Topics/Issues in Foreign Langu
MUS101Fundamentals of Music
MUS150Music History & Literature
MUS201Music Appreciation
NRS115LPN Intravenous Therapy
NRS140Fundamentals of Nursing Practice
NRS141Pharmacology for Nursing
NRS142Medical Surgical Nursing I
NRS200Nrs Concept - Role Transition
NRS201Bridging Nursing Concepts
NRS243Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing
NRS244Pediatric Nursing
NRS245Reproductive Health
NRS246Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
NRS247Transition into Practice Capstone
NUR179Fundamentals of Nursing
NUR181Fundamentals Nursing Clinical
PED115Nutrition and Diet Therapy
PHL101Intro to Logic/Formal Reason
PHL102Introduction to Philosophy
PHL103Ethics and Social Policy
PHL104World Religions
PHL204Contemporary Moral Issues
PHY210Introduction to Engineering Profession
PSY160Survey of Psychiatric Rehab
PSY211Supervisory & Management Psych
PSY273Ind/Org Psychology
RAD184Rad Tech Clinical Exp I
RAD191Technical Nursing I
RAD194Intro to Radiologic Technology
RCT101Computed Tomography Phy & Equi
RCT102Computed Tomography Procedures
RCT103CT Clinical Applications
SOC111Introduction to Sociology
SOC112Social Problems
SOC115Intro to Anthropology
SOC116General Cultural Anthropology
SOC200Introduction to Social Work
SOC231Topics/Issues in Soc Science
SOC251Human Sexuality and Marriage
THE141Introduction to Theatre
VOC276Medications in Action

**Note other courses in the catalog have pre-requisites that must  be met prior to registering.