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Online Registration & Waitlisting Tutorial

Pre-Registration activity will be available beginning October 13, 2014.

On-line registration begins Monday, November 3 at 12:45pm.

Walk-in registration begins Wednesday, November 5 at 8:00am.

Portions of this tutorial are based on other tutorial(s). You may want to review the following link(s) before continuing.

Step Listing

Step-by-Step Directions

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  1. Step 1: Click "Register of Drop Classes"

    Follow steps 1-8 in the Pre-Registration Tutorial to get to the Registration menu and click Register or Drop Classes.

  2. Step 2: Enter CRN numbers

    Enter the CRN numbers you selected during Pre-Registration and click Submit Changes.

  3. Step 3: Review Registration Add Errors

    A red Stop sign with the status of CLOSED - 0 Waitlisted means there are currently no seats available for this class. You can tell the system that you want to be put on a list to be notified when a set becomes available for you.

    To get your name on the wait list for this class- click on the arrow under the ACTION column, select the option Waitlist, and click Submit Changes. You will now be on the waitlist of the class. You will receive an email through your SVCC e-mail account notifying you when a seat becomes available.

  4. Step 4: Review Your Schedule

    Check the Status column, which identifies your registrations Status (Note the Waitlist for MAT 081).

    You can use the Action column to drop any registered classes or register for any waitlisted classes.

  5. Step 5: Review Waitlist

    You can find out where you are on the waitlist by viewing your schedule through SOAR and looking at the Waitlist Position.

    CAUTION: do not mistake a Waitlisted Class for your confirmed registered classes.  The STATUS line will tell you if you are registered for the class.

  6. Step 6: Waitlisting Notification

    When a spot is available for your waitlisted class, you will receive an e-mail will come from the Registrar (please make sure you can receive emails from admissions@svcc.edu). The e-mail will look like the above example. You will have 24 hours to get registered for the class; if you do not get registered your name will be dropped from the waitlist.  

  7. Step 7: Waitlist Registration

    To register for  the class when you are notified a seat is available, you will log into registration and under the ACTION column for the waitlisted class, select the **Web Registered** option, and click Submit Changes. You will then be registered for the class. You can also contact the Office of Admissions and Records to get registered for the waitlisted class. 

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