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Degree Audit

The “degree audit” helps to track your progress toward completing your academic program.

This online tool is great for looking at what degrees/certificates you may be closest to finishing and for planning which courses you need to complete your program of study.   The audit is not an official document; an SVCC counselor/advisor can answer any questions you may have and advise you on any courses that may be needed.  Follow the steps to complete a degree audit.

Step 1:  Access SOAR

Choose SOAR from the Quick Jump Menu

Step 2:  Login

Choose Login to Your Records

Step 3:  Enter your User ID and PIN

To access SOAR, enter your User ID and PIN


STEP 4:  Access Student Services

Choose Student Services

STEP 5:  Access Student Records

Choose Student Records

Step 6:  Choose the Degree Evaluation tool

Choose Degree Evaluation

Step 7:  Choose a Catalog

Choose a Catalog you wish to use to evaluate your degree. Then click Submit

Step 8:  Choose, "What if I change my degree?"

Choose What if I change my degree


Step 9: Choose a Program

Choose a Program you wish to evaluate. Then click Continue

Step 10:  Choose a Major within that program.

Choose a Major. Then click Submit

Step 11:  Choose the term you want evaluated.

Choose an evaluation term (it will most likely be the current semester) Then click

Step 12:  View your Report.

View your Degree Audit Report