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Talking With Instructors About Using Accommodations

The decision whether or not to disclose a disability is a very personal matter and one that varies from individual to individual.If you choose to disclose and/or discuss your disability with your instructor, it is recommended this be done early in the semester, by separate appointment.

A few general suggestions for students concerning disclosure are presented below:

Make an appointment with your instructors to meet during his/her office hours.
The student may choose to call or email the instructor. Instructors will often provide students with helpful suggestions, guidance and assistance to support the learning style and accommodations of individual students.
Clearly describe your learning style in simple language.
Let your instructors know about your abilities and strengths as well as your weaknesses. Provide him/her with concrete examples of how your disability may affect you in that particular class.
What if an instructor is skeptical and/or not receptive to your accommodation requests?
At some point in every student's career, he/she may encounter an instructor who is not receptive to an individual student's unique needs. Those instructors often have either had limited contact with persons with disabilities, or may have had a negative past experience. If you are meeting with resistance from an instructor, discuss the situation with the Coordinator of Disability Support who can assist you in resolving the issue.

Many times students attempt their classes without the benefit of accommodations however; students need to be aware that accommodations are not retroactive. All grades earned prior to accommodations being established will not be changed.