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Assembly, Rally, or Demonstration Procedures

I. General Procedure

Discussion and expression of all views is permitted within Sauk Valley Community College subject only to requirements for the maintenance of order. Support of any cause by orderly means, which is not in violation of law and which does not disrupt the operation of Sauk Valley Community College, nor interfere with the rights of others is permitted. Sauk Valley Community College retains the right to assure the safety of individuals, the protection of property, and the continuity of the educational process.

In accordance with the Illinois Statute, “Interference with public institution of higher education,” and the Student Code of Conduct, the policy of Sauk Valley Community College is to prohibit acts which interfere with Sauk Valley Community College operations. Sauk Valley Community College policy provides for freedom of expression and lawful assembly at Sauk Valley Community College, and for the orderly petition for redress of grievances. As with such, venues are provided on our campus for the lawful expression of opinions, demonstrations and protests. Sauk Valley Community College retains the right to regulate the time, place, and manner of demonstrations to assure the safety of individuals, the protection of property, and the continuity of the educational process.

(SVCC Board Policy 614.01)

II. Scheduling Process

1. Students and employees of the College, along with members of the community, who wish to schedule a demonstration, rally or similar activity, may request to use one of the locations specified below through the regular reservation procedure. Any such request should be submitted to the Dean of Student Services, with a completed informational form, at least one week in advance of the activity.  The Dean of Student Services will respond promptly to any reservation request. In the event a request is denied, an appeal may be made to the Vice President of Academics and Student Services, who shall respond promptly to any such appeal. Demonstrations will be permitted at the following locations, unless a College department or another organization has previously reserved the location:

  • East Mall Fire Pit (Weather permitting)
  • East Mall Indoor Area (south area near exits – Winter only or weather permitting)

2. Demonstrations or similar activities by five (5) or fewer students, faculty, or staff may occur in the above approved areas without advanced reservations or notification. Such demonstrations are subject to regulations which apply to larger demonstrations. Accordingly, the College encourages all persons planning a demonstration or similar activity to contact the Dean of Student Services to discuss their plans and the applicable regulations of this Policy.

III. Conduct during Demonstrations or Similar Activities:

Prohibited conduct, as stated in the “Student Code of Conduct,” Section B, which relates specifically to demonstrations and protests, along with conducting one’s self in a reasonable manner includes:

  1. Physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, hazing coercion, and/or other conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person;
  2. Failure to comply with directions of College officials or law enforcement officers acting in performance of their duties and/or failure to identify oneself to these persons when requested to do so;
  3. Participation in a campus demonstration, which disrupts the normal operations of the College and infringes on the rights of other members of the College community; leading or inciting others to disrupt scheduled and/or normal activities within any campus building or area; intentional obstruction which unreasonably interferes with freedom of movement, either pedestrian or vehicular, on campus;
  4. Obstruction of the free flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic on College premises, or at College-sponsored or supervised functions;
  5. Conduct performed in such unreasonable manner as to alarm another and which is disorderly; aiding, abetting, or procuring another person to breach the peace.

IV. Guidelines for Demonstrations or Similar Activities:

There are a number of campus policies that must be observed when organizations or individuals plan to use college facilities for events of any kind. In planning a demonstration, rally or similar activity, the organizers and participants must observe regulations pertaining to the use of campus facilities as well as this Procedure.

V. Procedures for Handling Disruptive Demonstrations or Similar Activities:

In situations where there is an individual or group demonstration, Sauk Valley Community College Security, in consultation with the Vice President of Academics and Student Services/or the Dean of Student Services, will determine the point at which a demonstration or similar activity becomes disruptive based upon the criteria set forth in Section II of this Procedure.

If the situation permits, Sauk Valley security, the Vice President of Academics and Student Services, or the Dean of Student Services, or a designee will inform the demonstrators that they must discontinue their disruptive activities, explaining which activities are in violation of this Procedure, and will advise them how to continue their demonstration in a manner which is not disruptive. If the disruption continues, appropriate action will be taken, which may include police action. An immediate physical threat to persons and/or property may require immediate police action as well as situations in which the Vice President of Academics and Student Services/or the Dean of Student Services, will determine that a warning will not provide adequate protection for persons or property.

VI. Consequences of Violating the Policy:

Once individuals are advised by a College official that they are violating Sauk Valley Community College policy, state law, or both, the individuals may disperse or move to another location identified by Sauk Valley Community College. If they choose to remain, they are subject to arrest and/or College discipline. Illinois law prohibits interference with the operation of a public institution of higher education. Violations of this law can lead to arrest, incarceration and fines. Criminal damage to state property is a felony and criminal trespass on state supported property is a misdemeanor. Students who violate College or campus policy, including this Procedure or the law may be subject to disciplinary and/or criminal action. Students should refer to the Student Code of Conduct for specific information regarding campus rules and regulations. Disciplinary action can range from a reprimand to expulsion from Sauk Valley Community College. Faculty and staff who violate College policy, including this Procedure or the law may be subject to disciplinary and/or criminal action. Faculty and staff should refer to the Sauk Valley Community College Employee or Administrative Handbook for specific information.