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Sauk Impact Program
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The SVCC Impact Program will harness the collective power of Sauk Valley partners and communities to create an effective, supportive, sustainable path for students to pursue a college education and achieve career success through lifelong learning, public service and economic advancement.

How to Sign Up for the Program [PDF]
How to Sign Up and Cancel Events [PDF]
How to Submit Volunteer Hours [PDF]
How to Convert Volunteer Hours [PDF]
Student Expectations at Volunteer Events [PDF]
Non-Calendar Hours Submission Form [PDF]


Details can be found on this Flyer. [ What is a Last Dollar Scholarship?]

No. The Impact Program is a post-secondary opportunity. Impact Program funds will be applied toward a student’s account after high school graduation and would continue until they complete an Associates Degree or reach three years.

Yes! To receive 100% of their tuition and fees, students will need to complete 100 hours of volunteering by high school graduation. Students may begin receiving Impact Program funds no sooner than six months to their intended graduation date.

Volunteer opportunities must be sponsored by a community organization like: non-profits, service organizations, community events, and school events. Money in exchange for volunteer service is not permissible. When in doubt, please feel free to reach out to us at impact@svcc.edu to see if the organization you are interested in is eligible.

The Impact Program Coordinator will verify the volunteer hours with the contact person of each event. An adult, other than a parent/guardian, associated with the volunteer opportunity will need to verify the volunteer hours.

Impact students are able to track their hours by signing into their Impact account and clicking on the Hours Tracking / Submission tab. Additionally, monthly volunteer hours reports are sent via email to all Impact students and parents/guardians.

Yes! In addition to tuition and fees, books will also be covered by the Impact Program.

Yes! Completion of 25 hours of volunteer hours and maintaining satisfactory academic progress, which is to have a 2.0 GPA or higher and complete 67% of classes each semester, will be expected.

No. The Impact Program will cover up to three years of tuition and fees at SVCC for full-time or part-time students.

Yes! However, students must enroll no later than Spring semester (January) after high school graduation. Students will potentially lose up to half of a year of their three-year time frame to use Impact funds.

To maintain Impact eligibility, students must enroll at Sauk no later than spring semester after graduation.

Yes, a student may choose to attend a higher education accredited institution and enroll at Sauk no later than spring semester after high school graduation.

If the minimum standards are not met while enrolled at SVCC, you will be suspended from the program. You may be readmitted after completing program requirements (volunteering and maintaining good academic standing), although the three-year time frame will still be in effect. This is also consistent with SVCC's financial aid policy.


Yes! Beginning with the high school graduating class of 2026, if a student moves into the Sauk Valley Community College district or opts in to the program after September 1 of their freshman year of high school, they will be eligible for a tiered tuition program:

  • Sophomore Year: 75% tuition and fees covered
  • Junior Year: 50% tuition and fees covered
  • Senior Year: 25% tuition and fees covered

Students will need to complete the rest of the requirements, including 25 hours of community service each year they are in the program.

Yes, if a student does not complete their 25 hours of community service due to a classifying event, such as the death of a parent, experiencing homelessness, documented domestic violence, and/or a serious or life threatening medical condition, as defined by the Family Medical Leave Act, they will need to file an appeal with the advisory panel.


It begins as soon as a student graduates from high school.

Terms and Conditions

Impact Program Terms & Conditions [PDF]



The tentative date for students in the Sauk Valley Community College district to begin signing up for the program is Spring of 2022. The Student, Parent, Guardian Playbook should be available soon.

* NEW * 2024 Student / Parent / Guardian Playbook [PDF]


Scholarship Information

Please check with your guidance counselor for scholarship information. Additional scholarship resources are listed below.

Additional external Scholarships

For tips on applying for scholarships


Volunteer Partners

The Impact Program is looking to partner with nonprofits, community and service organizations. If you would like to partner with us to offer volunteer opportunities to students enrolled in the Impact Program, please email an Impact Program Coordinator at impact@svcc.edu.

How to Sign Up for the Program [PDF]
How to Create a New Event [PDF]
How to Verify Volunteer Hours [PDF]



For more information regarding SVCC's Impact Program, please email impact@svcc.edu or call (815) 835-6650.

Ashleigh Sorenson HeadshotAshleigh Sorenson, Impact Program Director
Phone: (815) 835-6373
Email:  ashleigh.m.sorenson@svcc.edu

Brittany Devereueawax HeadshotBrittany Devereueawax, Impact Program Coordinator
Phone: (815) 835-6228
Email:  b.d.devereueawax@svcc.edu

Sarah Partington HeadshotSarah Partington, Student Recruiting and Impact Coordinator
Phone: (815) 835-6266
Email:  sarah.h.partington@svcc.edu

Lyndsey Kelly HeadshotLyndsey Kelly, Advancement Specialist
Phone: (815) 835-6316
Email:  lyndsey.m.kelly@svcc.edu