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Meet Your Student Trustee: Sean Zeciri

Hi, I’m Shkelcim “Sean” Zeciri, currently majoring in Political Science. I plan on transferring to UIUC and going to law school after earning my Bachelor's Degree. 

I graduated from Oregon High School in May of 2017 and began my journey at Sauk in the fall of 2017. I am a first generation college student and believe that Sauk has made my process of starting my journey in higher education an enjoyable one. Sauk allows anyone and everyone an equal opportunity at success. There is absolutely no bias, and everyone is here for you to make the most out of your college experience, regardless of any background.  

I’m an active member in Rotaract, a Student Ambassador, and a member of TRIO. I enjoy photography and traveling, especially to Macedonia and Albania to see my family, and I am bilingual in English and Albanian.

I ran for Student Trustee because I wanted the learning experience that working with the Board of Trustees has to offer, and I believe the values and work ethic learned during my year will assist me in my professional career.

As Student Trustee, I act as a direct liaison between the SVCC student body and the Board of Trustees that oversees many important operations at the College. I am responsible for informing the Board of Trustees about student activities and any concerns or comments from the student body.

I want to make every student feel they have a voice and that their voices do matter. I am committed to helping students get the help they need and deserve, and I invite all SVCC students to email me at to offer feedback, ask questions, express concerns, and share great ideas.



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