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SGA Officers and Elections

Student Government Association (SGA) Officers: 

  • Represent the student body to the SVCC administration.
  • Sponsor campus-wide activities.
  • Serve on college-wide committees.
  • Recognize new student organizations.
  • Allocate programming money to new and existing student organizations.
  • Complete community service activities.

Interested in participating and/or joining a committee? 

Please contact Ana Salgado, SGA Advisor in 1F19 or ana.s.salgado@svcc.edu. 


SGA invites you to run for 2021-2022 Student Government. If you or someone you know meets the requirements, please consider applying for the positions. SGA Applications. Deadline: April 2.   


2020-2021 SGA Officers: Anah Chamberlain-President, Abril Vazquez-Tapia-Student Trustee, Giselle Sotelo-Vice-President, Madelyn Tennison-Secretary, and Calista Crone-Treasurer. 

SGA Elections 

Student Government elections are held in April. If you are interested in running for a position, please review and complete an election  packet and submit it to: ana.s.salgado@svcc.edu.