Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

109.01  Duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Trustees

The Board has overall responsibility for governance of the College.  In carrying out its responsibility, the Board has the following specific duties, as well as others:

  1. Establish, review, and modify Board Policy.
  2. Hire, evaluate, and establish the salary and conditions of employment of the President of the College.
  3. Set annual institutional strategic goals.
  4. Determine goals for the College President annually.
  5. Approve the annual budget.
  6. Act upon the recommendations of the President on all matters pertaining to the welfare or operation of the College.
  7. Act upon the recommendation of the President for the appointment and subsequent employment status of all faculty and administrative personnel in accordance with established personnel policies.
  8. Approve rates of compensation for regular full-time and/or part-time employees and annually review all salary schedules.
  9. Act upon competitive bids for supplies and equipment in excess of $25,000, and for construction/repairs in excess of $50,000.
  10. Approve certificate and degree programs of the College upon the recommendation of the President.
  11. Approve the annual Administrative and Academic Calendar of the College.
  12. Consider communications and requests from responsible citizens and organizations within the district on matters of policy.
  13. Establish and/or approve citizen advisory committees as needed.
  14. Serve as a Board of final appeal with the College for students, faculty, and staff of the College and citizens of the district who may have grievances in any matter concerning the College District.
  15. Appoint a treasurer and fix the salary of the treasurer for the District
  16. Designate depositories for College funds.
  17. Conduct an annual Board self-evaluation.
  18. Agree that correspondence to the Board from the President of the College marked privileged or confidential should not be read in open meeting nor made public without specific written permission of the President to all Board members or as authorized by a majority vote of the Board, and to agree that correspondence to the President from the Board or Board members marked privileged or confidential shall not be revealed without the permission of the sender.
  19. Employ legal counsel for the College.
  20. Employ a certified public accounting firm to audit the financial records and status in accordance with the Illinois Community College Act.
  21. Assume such other duties and responsibilities as provided for in the Illinois Community College Act, in other laws of the State of Illinois, in the rules and regulations of the Illinois Community College Board and the Board of Higher Education, in the rules and regulations of other relevant state regulatory agencies, and in relevant Federal regulations and laws.
  22. Review the College mission and vision statement annually.
  23. Create special committees of the Board as needed.


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