Gifts, Grants, and Donations

505.01  Gifts, Grants, and Donations

  1. Offers of appropriate gifts, grants, and donations to Sauk Valley Community College, whether real or monetary, may be officially accepted by action of the College Board on recommendation of the President.
  2. Gifts or grants to the College in the name of an individual and/or for a specific purpose shall be noted by the Board and acknowledged by the President.
  3. The Board of Trustees, through the College President, will encourage any persons who wish to give gifts to the College that require regular management to instead make those gifts to the Sauk Valley College Foundation.
  4. The President shall report all such actions and recommendations to the Board; provided, however, when the donor shall inform the President that the donor wishes his, her, or its identity to remain anonymous, the President shall not disclose such identity.


  • 02-12-1987
  • 03-23-1987
  • 03-26-1990

Cabinet Reviewed:

  • 05-21-2024