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Student Handbook - Student Rights & Responsibilities

Sauk Valley Community College is committed to a philosophy that ensures the basic rights of students, such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to assemble, and the right of inquiry. In consideration of these rights, it is implicit that students should also accept those responsibilities that are inherent with attendance at a public community college. These include such basic responsibilities as:

  • Respect for Public and Private Property
  • Respect for the Rights and Privileges of Others
  • Adherence to Recognized Standards of Scholarship
  • Respect for Duly Constituted Authority

Students should recognize that the primary educational function of Sauk Valley Community College must be maintained at all times and that ultimate authority rests with the Board of Trustees as elected representatives of the College constituency. The Board also serves as the place of final appeal for grievances in any matter concerning the College provided the student shall have first exhausted all relevant procedures and appeals provided by College policy or procedure.

Acceptable Use - Technology

Access to SVCC technology resources-computing facilities, telecommunications and network services, servers, equipment, software, applications, information resources, printing and scanning services, and user and technical support provided by Information Services staff - is a privilage, not a right. This privilage is extended to all users - faculty, staff, students, trustees, alumni/ie, affiliated individuals and organizations, partner non-profits and PK - 12 schools. Accepting access to this technology carries an associated expectation of resonsible and acceptable use.

The College retains control, custody, and supervision of all Computer Technology. The College reserves the right to monitor the use of Computer Technology activity of any user. No user shall have expectations of privacy in their use of Computer Technology, including e-mail messages and stored files, ... The complete Acceptable Use Policy can be viewed at

Acceptable Use - Electronic Device Usage in the Classroom

Students should turn off all electronic devices while in the classroom unless they have the consent of the instructor. Electronic items include, but are not limited to cell phones, laptops, tablets, MP3 players, voice and video recorders. Students with legitimate reasons fr using this equipment can do so only after receiving explicit consent of the Disability Support Office. Class materials, including lecture and discussion notes, are considered property of SVCC. Students permitted to record classes for instructional or access purposes may not share, sell, distribute, or port the recording to the internet to include all social media sites. Students violating this policy mmay face college disciplinary action. Also, students are subject to the SVCC Acceptable Use Policy:

Affirmative Action

Sauk Valley Community College shall utilize Affirmative Action as required by law. The College has adopted an Affirmative Action Plan. Copies of this document are available in the Human Resources Department. The Sauk Valley Community College Affirmative Action Plan contains a grievance procedure that any employee, employment applicant, student, or student applicant may obtain by contacting the Affirmative Action Officer, 815.835.6291 (3L20).

Assembly, Rally, and Demonstration

Discussion and expression of all views is permitted within Sauk Valley Community College subject only to requirements for the maintenance of order. Support of any cause by orderly means, which is not in violation of law and which does not disrupt the operation of Sauk Valley Community College, nor interfere with the rights of others, is permitted.  Sauk Valley Community College retains the right to assure the safety of individuals, the protection of property, and the continuity of the educational process. For information on the procedure and process, contact the Dean of Student Services at 815.835.6305 (Student Services Center) or visit

Code of Student Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct has been established to control action going beyond the exercise of such rights, to maintain order on campus and to guarantee the broadest range of freedom for all who come to learn at SVCC.

Each student is responsible for knowledge of and compliance with this Code of Student Conduct, which is available through Academic Advising, from the  Dean of Student Services, and the Vice President of Academics and Student Services.

The College further recognizes each student’s right to procedural due process, including notice, an opportunity to respond to the allegations, and an appeal process. Any student cited for violation of the Code of Student Conduct will:

  1. Receive notice of the alleged violation. The notice will include:
    1. the specific code violations; and
    2. reference to the process and rights of students as indicated in the Code of Student Conduct;
  2. Be provided an opportunity to respond to the charges;
  3. Be able to appeal the decision, if necessary;
  4. Not be permitted to withdraw from the College with a clear record until such charges have been resolved.

To review prescribed conduct, Dean of Student Services authority, procedures in cases involving possible discipline, disciplinary actions, temporary suspensions, and appeals refer to the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures in the college catalog and on the college website at

Complaint Procedure

SVCC has established an informal and formal process for reporting a concern or addressing a complaint on campus. Refer to the SVCC catalog or for compliant procedures and resources.

Smoking and Use of Tobacco-Free Campus

In accordance with the Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act, effective July 1, 2015, smoking is prohibited everywhere on campus, including both outdoors and indoors. "Smoking" is defined as (1) lighting or burning any type of matter or substance that contains tobacco, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, pipes, water pipes, or other smoking devices (2) lighting or burning of non-tobacco plants or marijuana; and (3) using electronic cigarettes. Also includes smokeless tobacco.

This policy applies to any individual on campus property, including but not limited to students, faculty, staff, other employees, contractors, subcontractors, volunteers, visitors and members of the public. The smoking prohibition also applies to all college-owned vehicles at all times.

Student Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Information

SVCC provides all students the opportunity to authorize the College to disclose certain private mental health information to a person designated by the student. For more information and to access a student authorization form, contact Admissions & Records or refer to

Title IX

Sauk Valley Community College is committed to fostering a safe, productive learning environment. Title IX and College Policy prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender or sex. Sexual misconduct including harassment, domestic and dating violence, sexual assault, exploitation, and stalking is prohibited. All forms of prohibited conduct under this policy are regarded as serious College offenses, and violations can result in discipline, including possibility of separation from the College.

SVCC encourages anyone experiencing sexual discrimination or misconduct to talk to someone about what happened, so support/resources can be provided and the college can also respond appropriately. A student wishing to speak confidentially about an incident, should contact one of the campus confidential resources in Academic Advising, TRIO, or Disability Support Office (DSO). A student wishing to report an incident or having questions about College policies and procedures regarding Title IX, should contact the College's Title IX Coordinator, (3E04) at 815.835.6256, or Assistant Coordinator, (Student Services Center) at 815.835.6378. Students can also report an incident using the Title IX Reporter form at

The college is legally obligated to investigate all reports, and therefore it cannot guarantee confidentiality, but will consider a request for confidentiality and respect it to the extent possible. All SVCC faculty and staff, with the exception of confidential resources, are legally required to report incidents regardless of the source (verbal or written) and thus cannot guarantee confidentiality. Information will be reported to the Title IX Coordinator with relevant details such as the names of those individuals involved in the incident. A copy of the College's Title IX policy is on the SVCC website under Policies or at