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Student Handbook - Technology Resources

Text Alerts

College closings, course cancellations, College event reminders and occasional announcements can be received via phone, text message, email, or all. Students can sign up by clicking the "SVCC Text Alerts" button on SVCC's home page (svcc.edu) and login using their Sauk login.See svcc.edu/login for instructions.


Printing on Campus

Students will use their Sauk Login to print in any of the computer labs. Students will be given $10 worth of free printing each semester (it will  automatically be added to accounts at the start of each semester). Money will not carry over to the next semester and the money can only be used for printing. Printing from College computer lab printers will cost .5¢ per page for two-sided pages and 10¢ for a single sided page. This will give students between 100 - 200 pages per semester that can be printed for free.

If students need to print additional pages (above the $10), accounts can be replenished in the Business Office (RM 1H02) or the Student Services Center (RM 1E01), Students can print color pages for 25¢ in the Learning Commons (RM 3L01).

Scanner/Copier in The Learning Commons

Need to scan or photcopy? Go to the Learning Commons and use their printer/scanner/copier machine. Cost is 15¢ per black and white copy or 25¢ per color copy; double-sided is counted as two copies. Ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk.


SOAR (Sauk Online Access to Records) gives students online access to records, such as class schedule, grades, transcripts, SVCC email address, student ID number, current financial status, and financial aid records. Students can also use SOAR to update personal information, such as emergency contact, change of address or phone number. Access SOAR from the Quick Jump menu on the SVCC website (svcc.edu). See svcc.edu/login for login instructions and tutorials.

Social Media

Follow SVCC on Facebook, and Twitter and Instagram (@saukvalleycc). Important information is posted on SVCC’s homepage (svcc.edu).

All Facebook pages associated with SVCC may be created only with final approval of the SVCC Marketing Department. Please visit svcc.edu/student-activities for the SVCC social media guidelines and approval form. Contact 815.835.6337 for further inquiries.

Student Email and Other Google Tools

Communications from all SVCC offices, student organizations, and instructors will be sent only to the student's SVCC assigned email address. It's important for students to check it several times a week; daily is even better! SVCC uses Gmail for its email service and all students are automatically provided with a SVCC email account upon their first registration. Students can access their SVCC email from the Quick Jump menu on the SVCC web site (svcc.edu) or gmail.com See svcc.edu/login for login instructions and tutorials.

Forward Email to Personal Account

If students prefer, they may set up an SVCC Gmail to automatically forward to a personal email account. See svcc.edu/login for instructions.

Google Tools

Students are eligible to use a number of other personalized Google tools, such as Google Calendar, Google Drive for file storage, Google Docs for creating documents, and more using their SVCC Gmail account. See Google Apps at svcc.edu/login for login instructions and tutorials.

Using Mobile Devices to Access Sauk Accounts

To receive SVCC email by phone or tablet, install the Gmail App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store on the device. See Student Email at svcc.edu/login for instructions and tutorials.

Tech Help Desk

To get help with any of Sauk's technology services, visit the Skyhawk Student Help Desk in RM 2F01, call 815-835-6544, or fill out the Online Technical Support Request Form at svcc.edu/help-desk 


Looking for information about the college or updates on the college events and activities? Check out the SVCC website: svcc.edu

For helpful tutorials for technology services, visit svcc.edu/help-desk

Sauk Login

Your Sauk Login gives you access to your SVCC accounts. For more information and a full listing of the systems that use the Sauk Login, visit svcc.edu/login.

You will need to change your initial password by clicking the link at svcc.edu/login prior to logging in to any of your accounts. You can look up your Sauk Student ID by following the link at svcc.edu/login.

When you change your Sauk Login password, it is immediately changed for all systems that use the Sauk Login. You may be prompted to change your password periodically for security purposes. Notices will be sent out to student email address.


Your Sauk Login username is usually your first name, middle initial, and last name.
Example: john.a.smith

Some exceptions may apply (for example, if we do not have your middle initial on file or if your username would be longer than 20 characters). You can look up your Sauk Login username by following the link at svcc.edu/login.