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Academic Programs

Associate in Science Degree with a Concentration in Psychology (855)

The concentration in psychology prepares students to transfer to four-year universities to pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology and/or social work.

The associate in science (A.S.) degree is designed to complete the first portion of a bachelor of science degree in STEM related majors.  As a result, the A.S. degree does not include the entire General Education Core Curriculum.  Therefore, students will need to complete MORE general education courses either before or after transfer in order to complete GECC curriculum requirements.

Psychology - IAI Recommended Baccalaureate Curriculum

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Transfer Consideration

Students who have already chosen the university to which they plan to transfer should consult that institution's catalog or department advisor and an SVCC academic advisor in planning their program.

IMPORTANT PSYCHOLOGY CONCENTRATION NOTE: The IAI Psychology Major Panel recommends that psychology students take PSY 103 for GECC credit. Completion of PSY 103 is a requirement (prerequisite) that needs to be taken to be admitted to many classes at 4-year schools, so it is best to complete that prior to transfer. Some SVCC psychology classes may transfer as elective credit rather than counting as the specific class after transfer (e.g., PSY 217).

Competitive Admissions

Since admission to 4-year college/university programs is competitive, completing the recommended courses does not by itself guarantee admission. For example, many transfer schools require a minimum 2.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale (or higher) for admission.

Special Considerations

There are many jobs available in psychology and related fields (like social work). There are a variety of jobs available with 2-year, 4-year, and graduate degrees. In order to work as an independent counselor or therapist, a minimum of a master’s degree is typically required to obtain a state license.

Program Contacts at Sauk Valley Community College

  • Academic Advising, 815-835-6354
  • Amy Jakobsen, Ph.D., LCP, Professor of Psychology, amy.n.jakobsen@svcc.edu (815-835-6324)

Minimum Total Credit Hours - 64-68 Hours

Suggested Course Sequence

First Semester - 16 Hours

  • ***Electives 3 Semester Hour(s)
  • Personal Development 3 Semester hour(s)
  • ENG101 - Composition I ( 3 Semester Hours)

    This course (1) develops awareness of the writing process; (2) provides inventional, organizational, and editorial strategies; (3) stresses the variety of uses for writing; and (4) emphasizes critical skills in reading, thinking, and writing. Prerequisite: Required placement score on approved English placement test, high school unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher, or a grade of C or higher in ELA 099. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): C1 900 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

  • FYE101 - First Year Experience ( 1 Semester Hours)

    The focus of this course is how to be successful in college. Study skills, goal setting, academic planning, time and money management, and information research skills are among the core topics included in this course. Within a supportive environment, students will share their college experiences and develop connections with fellow students and SVCC staff. Prerequisite: None 1 Semester hour(s) Lecture/Lab Hours: 1 lec/week

  • MAT240 - Elementary Statistics ( 3 Semester Hours)

    An introduction to basic concepts in statistical methods including measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, probability, theoretical and empirical distribution, estimation, tests of hypotheses, linear regression and correlation. Prerequisite: a grade of C or better in MAT 081 or MAT 078 (or higher) OR concurrent enrollment in MAT 040 OR appropriate placement score (see current placement score prerequisite chart) 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): M1 902 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

  • PSY103 - Introduction to Psychology ( 3 Semester Hours)

    This course is designed to introduce the student to major concepts, theories, principles, and research in the field of psychology. This course will survey the scientific study of human and animal characteristics and behavior. Major topics from biological, behavioral, cognitive, personality, developmental, abnormal, and social psychology theory and research will be emphasized. Universal characteristics and individual differences will be explored Prerequisite: None 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S6 900 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

Second Semester - 17-18 Hours

  • *Mathematics 3-4 Semester hour(s)
  • BIO105 - Principles of Biology ( 5 Semester Hours)

    A survey of the basic principles of biology including nature of science, cells, structure and function of organisms, genetics, evolution and ecology. This course is designed to satisfy the biology requirement for general education and vocation-occupational curriculum majors. It provides a basis for understanding principles common to all major fields of biology for the science or professional major. This course along with BIO 123 (Introduction to Botany) and BIO 131 (General Zoology) is part of the three-semester sequence that satisfies the IAI 910 Biology requirement. Students who have completed BIO 105 with a grade of C or better will not receive credit for BIO 103 or BIO 104. Prerequisite: None 5 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): L1 910L, BIO 910 Lecture/Lab Hours 4 lec, 2 lab/week

  • COM131 - Intro to Oral Communication ( 3 Semester Hours)

    The oral communication course combines communication theory with the practice of oral communication skills. The course: (1) develops awareness of the communication process; (2) provides inventional, organizational, and expressive strategies; (3) promotes understanding of and adaptation to a variety of communication contexts; and (4) emphasizes critical skills in listening, reading, thinking, and speaking. Prerequisite: None 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): C2 900 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

  • ENG103 - Composition II ( 3 Semester Hours)

    An advanced course in essay writing with emphasis on formal research, ENG 103 serves to develop a proficiency in the collection and selection of data as applied to the completion of a formal research paper. In addition, students receive instruction in logic and reasoning, including the fundamentals of argumentative and persuasive writing. Prerequisite: A grade of C or higher in ENG 101 or its equivalent or consent of instructor. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): C1 901R Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

  • PSY200 - Human Growth & Development ( 3 Semester Hours)

    A study of physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development of the human across the lifespan. Normative and non-normative patterns of development will be examined. Several major theories of human development will be be explored. Practical application of research findings will be emphasized. Prerequisite: PSY 103 or equivalent. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S6 902 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week


    PSY214 - Child Developmental Psychology ( 3 Semester Hours)

    Child Developmental Psychology is an exploration of human growth and development from immediately before conception through adolescence. Content and application of theory and research related to physical, cognitive, and psychosocial domains of child development will be reviewed. Prerequisite: PSY 103. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S6 903 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week


    Third Semester - 16-17 Hours

    • Additional Science 4-5 Semester hour(s)
    • Humanities 3 Semester hour(s)
    • PSY215 - Social Psychology ( 3 Semester Hours)

      Social Psychology is a systematic introduction to theory and research on the ways social factors influence individual and group behavior. Examines attitudes, social perception, establishment of norms, conformity, leadership, group dynamics and research methods. (IAI GECC Code S8 900). Prerequisite: PSY 103. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S8 900, PSY 908 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    • PSY217 - Abnormal Psychology ( 3 Semester Hours)

      Abnormal psychology seeks to examine abnormal behavior from a number of contemporary theoretical and therapeutic viewpoints, with reference to relevant research findings. Major diagnostic categories are explored. The diagnosis of disorders, their symptoms, etiologies, courses, treatment, outcomes, and related research methods and findings are core to the course. Applications to daily life, allied health, criminal justice, human development, and various other clinical settings will be common. Prerequisite: PSY 103 or consent of instructor. 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): PSY 905 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    • SOC111 - Introduction to Sociology ( 3 Semester Hours)

      Students will be introduced to the perspective, concepts, and methods of sociology. Emphasis will be given to how the groups that make up our society function. The forces that hold groups together or cause them to change will be explored while the students examine how they learn to play roles within the family, school, religion, peer groups, and in other social settings. Prerequisite: None 3 Semester hour(s) Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI): S7 900 Lecture/Lab Hours: 3 lec/week

    Fourth Semester - 15-17 Hours

    • **Physical Science 3-5 Semester hour(s)
    • Humanities/Fine Arts 3 Semester hour(s)
    • ***Electives 9 Semester hour(s)


    • *Suggested MAT 220, MAT 221 or MAT 203.
    • **Some universities require a two-semester science sequence in biology, chemistry, or physics.
    • ***Additional science courses, such as anatomy and physiology are recommended.