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Sauk Makes it Possible — You Make it Happen

Kari Whittenburg

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Kari didn’t earn her degree the “typical way.” Being laid off after working for 20 years in a factory setting, Kari decided to attend Sauk, eager to learn. She enjoyed the computer information science (CIS) classes, specifically Microcomputer Applications. Kari discovered quickly that she “had a knack for computers.” “I found out that I had the ability and talent to do it, so I went with it,” Kari shared.

Taking most of her classes online, she found that the flexibility of online classes allowed her to work at her own pace, do well in her classes, and still be home with her family. “[It] was perfect for me because I have a young child at home.” Kari was returning to school for the first time in almost 20 years and found Sauk’s instructors to be very accessible—even those she had for online classes. But, she admits that online learning is not for everyone. Kari notes that a student “needs to be very motivated” to complete online classes.

Kari conveys that “Sauk made it possible” for her to do well in college. She quickly found out that “I can do this. I’m good at this.” Her only regret…“Why didn’t I start earlier?”

You can find Kari working at Sauk in Student Support Services.