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Criminal Justice

Fall 2014 Course Listings

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CJS101 Intro to Criminal Justice
30240A3TTh11:00-12:152D15JJ. Roser25Books for CJS101A
30271AF3TTh08:00-09:15HCCPJ. McClanathan30Books for CJS101AF
30002N3T6:00-8:452F8ADJ. Dehaan29Books for CJS101N
CJS120 Introduction to Corrections
30492TI3OnlineJC. Kerns17Books for CJS120TI
CJS130 Criminal Investigation
30268A3MW09:30-10:453G06Staff24Books for CJS130A
CJS135 Criminal Law
30493N3W6:00-8:452C06ED. Morrow27Books for CJS135N
CJS200 Ethics in Criminal Justice
30581N3Th6:00-8:452M05PT. Whitcombe28Books for CJS200N
CJS208 Juvenile Delinquency
30269A3TTh09:30-10:452H14Staff15Books for CJS208A
Prereq: CJS 101 is recommended.
30583AF3MW08:00-09:15HCCPJ. McClanathan30Books for CJS208AF
CJS214 Correctional Counsel & Treat
30532TI3Online3M16JD. Mandrell20Books for CJS214TI
CJS227 Probation and Parole
Prerequisite: CJS 120
30512TI3Online3M16JJ. Roser23Books for CJS227TI
CJS230 Police Community Relations
30239TI3Online3M16DJ. Dehaan24Books for CJS230TI
CJS250 Criminal Justice Practicum
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
30003A33TBA3M16JD. Mandrell10Books for CJS250A3