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Fall 2014 Course Listings

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SPE131 Intro to Oral Communication
IAI#: C2900
30352A3MW1:30-2:452L03PA. Fulfs20Books for SPE131A
30092B3MW09:30-10:452K9APA. Fulfs13Books for SPE131B
30094C3TTh2:00-3:152L05D. Hill20Books for SPE131C
30095D3TTh09:30-10:452M05D. Hill18Books for SPE131D
30096E3TTh08:00-09:152L07PR. Edleman6Books for SPE131E
30227F3TTh11:00-12:152H14NC. Berkey15Books for SPE131F
30273G3MW11:00-12:152K9ANC. Berkey16Books for SPE131G
30516I3TTh12:30-1:452L05D. Hill14Books for SPE131I
30097N3T6:00-8:452C06PA. Fulfs21Books for SPE131N
SPE141 Introduction to Theatre
IAI#: F1907
30228A3MW11:00-12:151M01AK. Kurtz11Books for SPE141A
SPE145 Basic Acting
30098A3MW2:00-3:151M01AK. Kurtz11Books for SPE145A
SPE147 Theatre Practicum
Prerequisite: Consent of instructor
30099A1TBA1M03AK. Kurtz9Books for SPE147A
SPE151 Interpersonal Communication
30604TI3Online2M15D. Hill16Books for SPE151TI
SPE181 Intro to Mass Communication
30800TI3Online2C8BD. Hill23Books for SPE181TI
SPE232 Intro to Performance of Lit
30801A3TTh11:00-12:151M01AK. Kurtz24Books for SPE232A