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Human Services

Spring 2014 Course Listings

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HSV110 Intro to Human Services
60988TU1TBASM. Zinke0Books for HSV110TU
HSV120 Introduction to Group Process
60804N3M6:00-8:452L05MK. Hemmen22Books for HSV120N
HSV204 Social Work Methods
60498N3Th6:00-8:452L05MK. Hemmen18Books for HSV204N
HSV210 Human Services Seminar I
Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in HSV 250
60539N1W5:00-5:502K9ASM. Zinke9Books for HSV210N
Concurrent Enrollment in HSV 250.
HSV211 Human Services Seminar II
Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in HSV 251
60506N1W5:00-5:502K9ASM. Zinke9Books for HSV211N
Concurrent Enrollment in HSV 251.
HSV250 Human Services Practicum I
60540A3TBASM. Zinke9Books for HSV250A
Concurrent Enrollment in HSV 210.
HSV251 Human Services Practicum II
60507A3TBASM. Zinke9Books for HSV251A
Concurrent Enrollment in HSV 211.
HSV270 Substance Abuse
Prerequisite: HSV 101 or PSY 103 or consent of instructor
60229A3TTh2:00-3:152M05MJ. Huntley14Books for HSV270A