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089 - AAS, Human Services: Social Service

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Program 089 Classes

CIS 109 Intro to Microcomputer Windows
30271 A 3 MW 9:30am- 11:10am 2F05 VA. Sleger 14 $15 Books for CIS&course-1=109&section-1=A
30133 B 3 TTh 12:30pm- 2:10pm 3M06 M. Hurd 14 $15 Books for CIS&course-1=109&section-1=B
30135 C 3 MW 1:30pm- 3:10pm 2F05 VA. Sleger 17 $15 Books for CIS&course-1=109&section-1=C
30189 TI 3 Online  VA. Sleger 8 $15 Books for CIS&course-1=109&section-1=TI
30652 TI2 3 Online  VA. Sleger 23 $15 Books for CIS&course-1=109&section-1=TI2
CJS 101 Intro to Criminal Justice
30159 A 3 TTh 11:00am- 12:15pm 2D15 DL. McCollum 25 Books for CJS&course-1=101&section-1=A
CJS 208 Juvenile Delinquency
30175 A 3 TTh 9:30am- 10:45am 2H14 DL. McCollum 18 Books for CJS&course-1=208&section-1=A
Prereq: CJS 101 is recommended.
30753 SHS 3 TTh 8:00am- 9:15am SHS JJ. Grotto 30 Books for CJS&course-1=208&section-1=SHS
Class dates: August 17, 2017 - December 21, 2017
EDU 220 Students/Disabilities School
30354 A 3 TTh 9:30am- 10:45am 3G08 AK. Eichman 18 Books for EDU&course-1=220&section-1=A
ENG 111 Bus/Technical Communication
30385 TI 3 Online  RD. Brunner 20 Books for ENG&course-1=111&section-1=TI
PED 115 Nutrition and Diet Therapy
30223 TI 3 Online  KK. Pink 1 Books for PED&course-1=115&section-1=TI
30285 TI2 3 Online  KK. Pink 22 Books for PED&course-1=115&section-1=TI2
PHL 104 World Religions
IAI#: H5904
30523 N 3 Th 6:00pm- 8:45pm 2L05 BA. Clements 22 Books for PHL&course-1=104&section-1=N
30603 TI 3 Online  BA. Clements 1 Books for PHL&course-1=104&section-1=TI
Students will take 2 exams. Exams may be taken in the SVCC testing center. Students can make arrangements with the instructor to have the exams proctored in another location.
PSY 200 Human Growth & Development
IAI#: S6902
30059 A 3 TTh 9:30am- 10:45am 2C10 TR. Walrath 20 Books for PSY&course-1=200&section-1=A
30367 TI 3 Online  TR. Walrath 13 Books for PSY&course-1=200&section-1=TI
This section requires on-site or proctored testing.
PSY 214 Child Developmental Psychology
IAI#: S6903
30145 A 3 TTh 12:30pm- 1:45pm 2C06 AE. Smith 24 Books for PSY&course-1=214&section-1=A
PSY 217 Abnormal Psychology
30146 A 3 MW 1:30pm- 2:45pm 2C06 AN. Jakobsen 22 Books for PSY&course-1=217&section-1=A
SOC 115 Intro to Anthropology
IAI#: S1900
30651 A 3 TTh 11:00am- 12:15pm 2L05 JA. Wright 23 Books for SOC&course-1=115&section-1=A
SOC 200 Introduction to Social Work
30073 N 3 M 6:00pm- 8:45pm 2M07 DT. Merrill 19 Books for SOC&course-1=200&section-1=N
SOC 251 Human Sexuality and Marriage
IAI#: S7902
30485 TI 3 Online  Staff 13 Books for SOC&course-1=251&section-1=TI
A proctored final exam is required for this course. Arrangements for proctoring locations, other than the SVCC testing center, can be made for students living out of district by approval of the instructor. Any fees related to proctoring of off-site testing are the responsibility of the student.